In addition to hard work, NTU have identified the following six characteristics (known as PEPPER) present in successful students

  • Purpose – a sense of self and academic purpose
  • Effort – an ability to draw on intrinsic motivation to ensure effort across all aspects of academia
  • Positivity – the ability to remain positive in the face of academic adversity
  • Personal responsibility – an understanding of personal agency in success
  • Enquiring mind – asking questions in and around the current learning
  • Resilience – identifying where there are opportunities to develop through challenges.

The young people undertaking the PEPPER programme in their school will be exploring and reflecting on these areas of their own character throughout the term. The programme has been designed to allow them the opportunity to develop these characteristics in themselves and to see them modelled in others. They will undertake two sessions at Nottingham Trent University with role models. They will also be supported by the university in the design and implementation of a social action project (of their choosing) in their school or local community.

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