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Character Education

Character education is an emerging pedagogical approach to increasing the academic attainment of learners through the development and awareness of character.

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Character in a time of crisis

Following recent events, you and your pupils will be drawing on reserves of character to navigate this ‘new normal.’ Character matters, and character education is a powerful tool in the personal development of your pupils. To support them and you, we have developed a programme to reinforce the character education elements of your co-curriculum.

Character Education Participatory Action Learning Set (Ch Ed PALS)

What is it?

NTU will be running online facilitated support to help schools research, plan and write curricular for delivery in the next academic year.  An NTU character education expert will provide and share evidence as to what works and facilitate your leadership team to collaborate and create a new approach to character development for your cohorts.


Our character expert will facilitate Participatory Action Learning Sets (Aspinwall 2011; Dilworth et al. 2010) with colleagues from your school, enabling you to deliver your new approach with confidence. We have chosen this 'we facilitate, you deliver' format as it has been proven to be effective in education and business for collaborative innovation.

We will provide a dedicated online learning space for you and your colleagues to reflect, research and co-create policy and aspects of the co-curriculum throughout June and July. This will consist of three, one hour long, online forums plus time to reflect, research and plan in between.

Online sessions will include:

  • Critical reflection
  • Building consensus about possible ways forward
  • Planning and evaluation


Character education has a positive impact on academic attainment (Arthur et al 2014)iii, especially for disadvantaged pupils (and those who may currently be particularly affected by this longer period out of school).

Furthermore, Ofsted are looking for evidence of character education in their inspections following the Character Framework published by the Department for Education (DfE 2019).


The programme will launch online with specific dates to be arranged with you on request.

Get in touch to find out more, express interest and secure your place on the programme.

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