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Design and Digital Arts Building

The Design and Digital Arts Building (DaDA) is one of the foundations of our vision to become a leading institution for the digital arts. As one of the first dedicated centres for the creative industries, it will be a place that attracts talented critical thinkers, designers, storytellers, performers and technical experts from around the world to work with industry and our national and international partners on collaborations that blend digital, technological, business and creative practices Join us as we reimagine the arts, create new worlds and bring cutting-edge digital futures to the East Midlands.

What we do

Art and design is embedded in our history. Our roots go back to 1843 and the creation of the Nottingham Government School of Design. We are one of the oldest providers of art and design education in the country, founded out of national and local government initiatives to produce artists and designers of national and international importance.

Our Nottingham School of Art & Design has an excellent global reputation with high rates of success for our students in employability and external industry prizes and accolades:

12th for Art & Design

Complete University Guide 2021

16th for Fashion & Textiles

Guardian 2021 University Guide

The 3rd most applied for UK university

for Creative Arts and Design in 2019

3rd for enrolments in Creative Arts and Design

HESA 2018-19

We have been influencing, inspiring and innovating art and design for more than 175 years and as one of the world’s leading art and design schools, we are focused on our future, and proud to be shaping what comes next.

Why it matters

Design and Digital Arts building

An artist's impression of the new Design and Digital Arts building

The scope for impact of the digital creative industries is huge. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – immersive technologies – can dramatically alter the experience of content consumption. They have the capacity to promote new and meaningful feelings, skills and understanding, which can make content more powerful than traditional media. As the cost of immersive technology decreases, creators are enabled to redefine storytelling and narrative content in an entirely new medium.

The McKinsey Global Institute has estimated that work activities equivalent to 15% (400 million) of full-time employees could be automated by 2030 in the midpoint of the scenarios they have modelled. However, for creative activities, it is expected that creative occupations will see an increase in jobs, despite automation, and the change in labour demand is predicted to be as high as 85% in some economies.

The potential these technologies have is limitless. We know the possibilities are there. And so we want to empower the next generation to push those boundaries as far as they can.

How you can help support the future of art and design

We have a unique opportunity for supporters of the creative industries, along with forward thinking individuals and corporates to become involved in one of the UK’s most advanced facilities for the digital creative industries.

At the beginning of this new and exciting project we invite you to join us in our support for this vibrant development for the digital arts.

There are different ways you can donate and help support art and design at NTU. Please contact our Head of Philanthropy, Kayleigh Glasper, on 0115 8486 404, or at We’d be delighted to talk to you in further detail about our work, and how you can support us.

Fundraising promise

All our activities adhere to the Fundraising Code of Practice, ensuring that every donation you make is put to the best possible use. Find out more.

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