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Student opportunities

Higher education is about so much more than what happens in the lecture room or the library.

It’s a place – and a time – when young people discover their potential, identify their passions, and figure out who they are and how they will contribute to society, and the world.

For many, though, financial barriers limit their possibilities. These aren’t hurdles that can be conquered with talent, ability, or hard work, but blockades that cut off avenues of opportunity and force some of the brightest, best, and most dedicated students to settle for less – in the truest sense – than their peers who are in a stronger financial position.

We recognise that this is acutely unfair.

What we do

NTU students outside Arkwright

Our vision is to create a level playing field in terms of access to extracurricular programmes, opening doors for students whose backgrounds mean they were previously unable to benefit from the full range of opportunities university offers.

We were the first UK university to sign the Social Mobility pledge, and we’re committed to empowering the brightest and most talented young people in the country. We want to diversify and stretch the horizons of success, achievement, and wellbeing that are possible for them.

After all, shouldn't university be about equipping people - regardless of their background - with the tools they need for success?

Why it matters

NTU students

We know that the more students engage in work placements and extracurricular activities such as sport, music, volunteering, and international travel the more likely they are to complete their studies, achieve high grades and get a good job. Data shows that involvement in these activities is, quite simply, a route to better life chances and opportunities.

Moreover, involvement in these programmes helps with developing social networks and a sense of individual identity, resources so crucial to wellbeing, happiness, and success throughout life. These are qualities that we are just as committed to developing in the young people who study with us.

And yet we also know financial circumstances mean that students from disadvantaged backgrounds are far less likely to access and benefit from these potentially life-changing opportunities.

We believe that what a person can achieve in life should not be determined by their financial or social position. We want all our students to have access to opportunities that will enhance their life prospects when they graduate and are committed to making this goal a reality.

How you can help support this life-changing work

We want to change the face of higher education in the UK and sow the seeds of a brighter, more diverse, and prosperous future for young people. But we can’t do it alone. Supporting student opportunities at NTU means you will be handing many young people their chance to access the sorts of advantages they have previously been denied. You will be giving them the tools they need to lift themselves up, tell their own stories, and carve their own paths.

This is an initiative that will deliver real and meaningful social change, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Trusts and foundations, as well as corporate donors, should contact our Head of Philanthropy, Kayleigh Glasper, on 0115 8484 604, or at We’d be delighted to talk to you in further detail about our work, and how you can support us.

The Student Success Endowment

The Student Success Endowment is an empowering and life-changing resource for our students that is funded from income generated through this newly established endowment.

Endowment funds are not uncommon in UK universities. Indeed, they have been used for centuries to enhance the facilities of, and experiences within, some of our long-established institutions. However, these are not the universities doing the heavy lifting when it comes to accelerating social mobility. This falls to organisations such as ours, which rarely have such endowment funds.

The impact of The Student Success Endowment will be profound. Watch this space.

Fundraising promise

All our activities adhere to the Fundraising Code of Practice, ensuring that every donation you make is put to the best possible use. Find out more.

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