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Liss Cooke

Subject of study: LLB Hons Law 2018

Location: London, UK

Akil is a Future Trainee Solicitor at international law firm CMS.

He is also founder of a personalised marketing and branding coaching programme called 'LinkedIn Skills for Lawyers: 4 Steps to Success', which is designed to help aspiring and current lawyers improve their brand visibility on LinkedIn. He is also the author of e-book Unlocking Yourself After Lockdown.

He has been working towards his goal of becoming a lawyer since the age of 15, taking up many work experience placements and internships in internationally respected companies within the fields of law, investment banking and accountancy.

Whilst at NTU, he sat as a Trustee on the Student Union's Board of Trustees, received the Freshfields Stephen Lawrence scholarship and created a university society called The New Black NTSU. He won seven awards, making history as the first student to receive the Dean's Award for Outstanding Contribution for two consecutive years.

Akil has spoken on panels, at colleges, and at universities across the country, including at NTU as an Alumni Fellow.

He has spent time volunteering at homeless shelters, kids’ camps and at an international economic development project in Tanzania.

Akil was formerly Managing Director of The New Black UK, a social enterprise designed to inspire young people to succeed against adversity in their personal and professional development.

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