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Freelancer Support

How can we help you?

At NTU Enterprise we offer a range of support and resources for aspiring and established Freelancers.

Whether you want to take an intensive day course to give you all the tools to get started, or you'd like access to a platform to help you find freelance jobs, we'll have something for you.

Getting Started with Freelancing

Freelancing is much more than being good at working ‘in’ the work you want do – you need to also work ‘on’ your freelancing. In this workshop you’ll learn from author of The Freelance Bible, Alison Grade, how to work ‘on’ your freelancing and prepare yourself so you are best positioned to find the work you want to do.

This workshop is essential for any student looking to work in the creative industries sector and beyond. A recent Creative UK report on freelancing showed that 47% of work in the creative industries is freelance. It’s highly likely that graduates will need to be ready to work as freelancers if not by design, then by necessity – whether it be traditional self-employment or short-fixed contract work, either way these graduates will need to think like freelancers.

'Getting Started with Freelancing' will give students the knowledge and confidence to be begin a freelancer career, find freelance opportunities during their studies, as well as a framework which they can use to work ‘on’ their freelancing once they graduate.

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What will you learn on the 1-day course?

Part 1: Skills - I and T shaped people, skills audit, this is what I can offer...

Part 2: Building Brand Me - Unlocking my brand values, why would a potential client hire me?

Part 3: Finances, Tax and NI, Value - How to manage money as a freelancer, how do I value my services?

Part 4: Customers and Competition

Part 5: Desires - aka Marketing - Who's in my network? Writing winning emails, winning new business.

Part 6: Wrap Up - Being CEO of my freelance career


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