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Construction: digital & sustainability courses

This project is part-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).

NTU's School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment will provide training to employees of SMEs in construction and associated industries, such as low carbon. The training available focuses on digital and sustainable constructions skills at Levels 4.

NTU is committed to continued learning and professional development. Opportunities may be fully funded or subsidised for eligible participants through our ESIF projects.

Introduction to Sustainability in Construction

This course is delivered by Yangang Xing. Yangang is a senior lecturer in construction technology and building engineering services within the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment (ADBE) at Nottingham Trent University.

The course is for anyone in the construction sector interested in policies, regulations, and assessment strategies and the impact they are having on construction technology, the efficient use of resources, and the promotion of health and wellbeing.

MS Excel for the Construction Professional

The ability to quickly undertake repetitive computations and analyse multifaceted ‘what-if’ design scenarios is a fundamental skill in the fast-paced construction industry. It helps keep costs down and drives productivity.

This course will develop your software skills in Microsoft Excel to an advanced level, with a focus on its application to construction-related problem-solving.

Introduction to Heritage and Conservation

The course will introduce you to the legal framework in place in the UK to ensure that repairs are appropriate and proportionate, meeting the requirements of the local authority and Historic England.

You’ll look at how to apply retrofit technologies to meet the climate change challenges of the future without compromising the heritage aesthetic and character of our cities, towns and villages.

AutoCAD 2D for the Construction Professional

The ability to read, develop and interpret construction drawings is a fundamental skill for anyone involved in the construction industry. On this course you’ll learn how to effectively communicate design ideas and develop the key principles of graphical communication using industry-standard AutoCAD software.

Starting with hand-drafting techniques, you’ll learn how engineering drawings and associated projections are constructed. You’ll then use AutoCAD to produce, develop, amend and interrogate these drawings.

Energy Management for Sustainable Construction

On this course you’ll learn how energy efficiency and overall sustainability can be achieved by exploring the strategies being applied to the design and construction of buildings.

It’s useful for anyone in the construction sector who’s interested in climate change, thermal comfort and energy management technologies.

Introduction to BIM for the Construction Professional

BIM is used for creating and managing project data through the design, construction, operation and de-commissioning process. It integrates data from multiple sources to create detailed digital representations that are managed in a cloud platform.

This facilitates real-time collaboration between the various project partners which leads to improved decision making, better option management and potential cost savings. This course will help you navigate the core components of the AutoCAD Revit platform.