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Professional Development Courses

Invest in a professional development course to boost your career, diversify your experience, gain industry recognised qualifications and keep up to date with the latest knowledge and trends.

Often designed by specialists from both academia and businesses and with flexible learning options to fit around your work, our courses are designed to meet the needs of individuals and industry today.

In addition to our scheduled courses, we also offer bespoke courses for groups. To find out more, contact:

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Fashion Product Technology

This unique course has been co-designed between NTU and fashion industry professionals. It reflects the need for garment engineers and textile engineers to have up-to-date knowledge of contemporary themes in the industry, as well as the skills to handle samples, understand materials and processes, and evaluate production and management processes. It is aimed at anyone considering a new career or career progression within fashion product technology.

Blender 3D Skills Development - for Designers

Explore various methods for 3D digital asset creation, mesh manipulation, fixing techniques and basic outputs from Blender, such as models for 3D Printing & 2D Rendering.

Psychology for designers: making design more effective

This two day course is for anyone working in a design, creative or research environment, as well as creative entrepreneurs, who are keen to explore the psychological processes that underpin behaviour in the context of design.

Motif: A new approach to trend and image

This workshop presents you with new trend tools that will fundamentally change your approach to brand, design, motif and image.

From Idea to Protoype: Rapid Prototyping Techniques for Businesses

This training is for teams within businesses who are interested in rapid prototyping techniques. Which of the technologies is suitable for you or your business, what are the relative merits of these different techniques, do you need to buy a machine, or could an online bureau service fulfil your prototyping needs? Our experts will help you address these questions.

Introduction to Data Wrangling using R and tidyverse

This two-day foundation course is aimed at anyone involved in real world data analysis, where the raw data is messy and complex. Data analysis of this kind is practiced widely throughout academic scientific research, as well as widely throughout the public and private sectors.

Introduction to Generalized Linear Models in R

This two-day intermediate course is aimed at anyone interested in advanced statistical modelling, as it's practiced widely throughout academic scientific research, as well as widely throughout the public and private sectors.

Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis with R

This three-day advanced course is aimed at anyone looking to learn and apply Bayesian data analysis in any area of science, including the social sciences, life sciences, physical sciences. No prior experience or familiarity with Bayesian statistics is required.

Online short courses and microcredentials on FutureLearn

Whether in support of career progression or change, the Nottingham Business School partnership with FutureLearn enables learners from across the globe to access our expertise in responsible leadership practice and cutting-edge business knowledge through a modern and innovative approach to world-class business education.

View our microcredentials and short courses through Future Learn.

Short courses and professional development for construction, engineering and real estate industries

You might be just starting out and looking to enhance your CV or a professional exploring how continuing professional development (CPD) can support your career progression. Whatever your motivation, NTU is the place to come.