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Short Courses

Enhance your CV, revisit past interests or try something completely new with our exciting range of short courses. From architecture to animal science and everything in between, you’re bound to find a short course that fits your needs.

Our courses are the perfect way to learn new skills and meet others who share the same interests. Discover endless possibilities by browsing our upcoming short courses today.

In addition to our scheduled courses, we also offer bespoke courses for organisations and groups. To find out more, contact

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Creative Videos for Marketing and Communications

This course is for marketers or small business owners who want to create effective short videos for little or no cost. By the end of the course, you’ll understand all the stages of the production process, and have a finished video ready to share with your audience.

Fashion Knitwear Summer School

This practical course combines the two interconnected disciplines of fashion and textiles through the medium of knitted fabric design. By the end of three weeks, you’ll have a portfolio of work and a finished, accomplished and wearable piece of knitted fashion.

Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals

This Mac-based course is suitable for anyone looking to produce professional quality graphics for either artistic pursuits or professional projects. It’s ideal if you’ve attempted to learn the basics online and would like to consolidate your skills and learn the most efficient ways of working in the software, as you’ll be learning directly from an expert with years of knowledge and experience.

Furniture Making Workshop - Intensive

This course is for anyone who has an interest in furniture design and making. No prior woodworking experience is necessary as you'll be guided step-by-step through the different processes to create a piece of furniture.

Drawing with Scissors: Contemporary Collage

This course is designed to expand your existing skills in drawing, painting or illustration through an introduction to the art of collage. It will take you on a developmental journey from drawing with paper, through simple collage printmaking methods, and assemblage.

Canine Nutrition and Feeding for Beginners

If you have either a personal or professional interest in canine nutrition, and are looking to understand the basic biological and nutritional principles of feeding the domestic dog, then this course is perfect for you. No prior experience necessary.

Botanical Drawing and Illustration

This course, aimed at beginners and improvers, will develop your knowledge and skills in the field of botanical art and illustration. Typically, the course will appeal to those who have an interest in the natural world either as a result of hobbies (gardening, horticulture or painting) or through employment (landscape designers, conservationists and botanists).

Still Life Photography

This course will teach you how to capture the beauty of an object in a photograph. It blends theoretical and practical learning and will appeal to anyone interested in the art of creating still-life images and the aesthetics of compositions.

Students working on construction site

Free short courses for the Architecture, Design and the Built Environment (ADBE) sector

Accessible via the Supply Chain Sustainability School,  we are pleased to offer 4 short course modules, to benefit businesses working within the ADBE sector:

Module 1: Collaborative Behaviours

Module 2: Collaborative Design and the Supply Chain

Module 3: Collaborative Risk Management using Flow Walks

Module 4: Innovation and Value in the Supply Chain

Learn more and register for free via the Innovation Driven Procurement website.