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tel: links

tel: links are similar to regular hyperlinks and email links in that they are clickable links.

In the case of tel: links:

  • On mobile devices they will open your phone app and populate the phone number ready to call.
  • On desktop browsers they will open up a dialog box for you to select an appropriate app to dial the number (should you have such an app available).

They are very simple to create – when creating a link, use the following format in the address field in the hyperlink box in Rhythmyx or the URL field in the link box in Matrix:

  • Tel:+[country code]-[area code without the first 0 (e.g. 115 for Nottingham)]-[phone number]

For example, to set up a tel: link to dial the University’s number use the following:

  • tel:+44-115-8485000

Which will come out as: +44(0)115 848 5000

Note, the hyphens are not necessary for the link to work, but they are handy to separate out the various parts of the phone number and make it easy to read at a glance.

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