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Set up and edit your NTU staff profile

Set up your staff profile by following these easy instructions.

Step 1: Get your staff profile set up for editing

Before you can edit and update your profile, you'll need to have edit permissions applied.

To request these, please email your school marketing manager.

You'll need to include:

  • your name
  • your Academic School and department
  • your NTU email address
  • your NTU username. This is what you use to log on to your PC with — MSW3SMITHJ, for example.

The Academic School marketing team will email you to confirm your profile is set up. They'll give you the details of how to access and edit it.

Step 2: Editing your staff profile

Once you've had edit permissions applied, download the staff profile editing guide. This will show you how to update and publish changes to your profile.

You may experience problems editing your profile. You might see an error message telling you that 'you do not have permission to edit' it. If so, reply to the confirmation email sent to you by the web team.

Step 3: Adding or updating a profile image (optional)

If you wish to include a profile image or get an updated image added, you'll need to have official NTU photo taken. We organise staff photography days on all campuses. We'll be able to advise you on the next available date. Please email to arrange this. Begin the subject line of your email 'Staff photo:'.

Following the staff photography days, we'll be supplied with your photographs for upload. You won't be able to upload your profile image yourself. Our digital content team upload all profile images. This is for consistency and quality reasons.

If you wish to change the image we have uploaded, please email Marketing Requests. Begin the subject line of your email with 'Staff photo:'. If you have a copy of your selected image, include this with your email. If not, add the date it was taken.

Please remember that we have a lot of staff profile images to process. It can take some time for these to appear on your profile.

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418