Registration and Eligibility

You must register before the deadline of 12 April 2019, even if you are unable to attend.

How to register

Check the date and time of your ceremony on the Graduation dates page.

To register for your ceremony you will need to complete the online booking form through the registration portal by Friday 12 April 2019. Please ensure that you reserve both of your free guest tickets as these are not auto-allocated upon registration. We have created this registration guide to help you.

Do not wait for your results before confirming your attendance and any guest tickets. Registration is only available via the website and we cannot accept bookings by telephone or email. If you or your guests have any special arrangements that need putting in place, please provide full details in the comment section of your registration. Without full details, the graduation team cannot consider any additional requests.

To check your registration status during the registration period, please log back into the registration portal where you can view your current order and make any necessary amendments.

If you cannot attend your ceremony due to extenuating circumstances, you must inform us by Thursday 20 June 2019. Each request is assessed on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed.

To keep your certificate safe, you can pre-order a certificate tube for £5 when you register for graduation.


Students are invited to attend one graduation ceremony only and you will be eligible to attend if you successfully complete your course before Thursday 20 June 2019.

You must register ahead of receiving your results. However once results are known, you are not eligible to attend the graduation ceremony if:

  • you have been unsuccessful in your assessments
  • you have an academic appeal or reconsideration request in progress or are subject to an investigation for academic misconduct (you may be invited to a later ceremony once the situation is resolved)
  • you are in debt to the University for unpaid tuition fees

Students with outstanding debt to NTU

Students with outstanding debts for unpaid tuition fees will not be eligible to attend their designated ceremony unless payment has been made in full by Thursday 20 June 2019. Where a student cannot make full payment by the given date, the University may defer conferment of the award to a later date and will assess any request to defer graduation on an individual basis.

Please contact Credit Control regarding outstanding payments on +44 (0)115 848 8707

Not attending?

We still need you to tell us through the registration portal if you are not attending Graduation and update your contact details. At the end of August, we will post your graduation certificate to you and therefore need to know where to post it.

Still need help?

Graduation team
+44 (0)115 848 2255