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Feeding the growing population without further harming our fragile planet.

World leaders face an urgent challenge – how to feed our growing population without further harming our fragile planet.

At NTU, researchers have reimagined farming approaches and restructured food production processes to provide the radical solutions required.

We have developed two vertical farming showcases. Using precision control systems and advanced lighting, we can optimise crop production and quality.

We continue to research how to improve crop yields and use resources efficiently to provide fresh, safe, and nutritious food all year round.

From the UK to China, our research is already helping countries commercialise urban farming systems. We are helping to restore confidence in safe, sustainable food production and reduce its impact on climate change.


We're reimagining research

To us, research is about more than writing papers and proposing new ideas. By daring to think differently, we’re disrupting the research landscape and finding the answers to the questions that really matter. From social media addiction to sustainable farming, we’re inspiring the brightest minds to rise up and find solutions to some of the most significant global challenges facing society.

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Sustainable Futures

Our vertical farming research is drawn from the strategic research theme of Sustainable Futures.

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