Got an idea?

Need help finding your spark?

We can help you find your lightbulb moment and turn your spark into a business, product or career. We’ve helped lots of our students to create their own successful start-ups.

In partnership with Santander, we’ve created the spark programme to help you ignite your spark and boss your future. If your idea has got potential, you can tap into:

  • expert start-up advice
  • skills development
  • variety of workshops
  • funding between £500 - £10,000

All students and all ideas welcome. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Featured Event

Spark EXPO

Come along to our Spark EXPO and find your spark!

15 November
11 am – 3 pm
Central Court, Newton building, City Campus

Find out more

Meet people who have turned their idea into a business, product or career. Listen to inspirational speakers behind successful start-ups. And discover how with our support you can ignite and grow your spark and turn your business idea into reality.

  • Bring your ideas and speak to advisers
  • Inspiring guest speakers to help you find your spark
  • Find out about funding for your idea
  • Talk to recent start-ups about their experiences
  • Prize draws throughout the day
  • Free doughnuts from Nottingham’s own DoughNotts
  • Meet Jimmy Chipolata!

Also, look out for upcoming spark roadshows, we’ll be visiting each campus, starting with Brackenhurst on Wednesday 21 November.

Rodi Abdi

Miles Waghorn