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Roda Abdi

Roda, an NTU graduate, used The Hive to help set-up her successful brand and business, Amirab Ltd. We caught up with her to find out what gave her the spark to create Amirab and how The Hive supported her journey.

Roda Abdi
I got my spark trying to find a stylish hijab.

What gave you your spark to create Amirab?

I noticed a gap in the hijab market – nobody catered for luxury hijabs for professional Muslim women. There was also a lack of options for a stylish product in both colour and design.

What are your long- term plans for the brand?

I’m working to build a sustainable business and to expand globally, serving customers through our website first and then expanding into multiple countries. Ultimately, I just want to provide high quality, modern and fashionable hijabs to empower women.

What's the best thing about having your own business?
It’s being able to do what you're passionate about and not feeling like I’m just counting down the hours in my day. Doing what I enjoy and what I’m passionate about motivates me to do well, knowing that I can improve confidence in Muslim women.

How did The Hive help you set up Amirab?
On my MA course at NTU one of my modules, Vision Creativity, had a business plan activity, which was run by Phil, one of the mentors in The Hive. That’s when I first heard about The Hive and what it can offer!

I really benefited from their support and services, and the mentor was invaluable. My mentor helped me gain experience in the market sector and supported me with the business side of things. They were always thee to answer any troubling questions and point me in the right direction.

All the access that I have within the University is a real perk, as well as the hot desk area and an address for business postage.

And finally…what advice would you give someone looking to set up their own business?

You have to be brave, consistent and committed… not an easy job! It’s challenging, time consuming and sometimes difficult, you need to take on responsibility and make decisions - but it’s worth it!

Find out more on Amirab's website.

I want to provide high quality, modern and fashionable hijabs to empower women.

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