Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Award

Now in its sixth year, the Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Award celebrates inspirational teaching at Nottingham Trent University.

These awards recognise and celebrate inspirational teaching at Nottingham Trent University. The criteria used to judge the awards arose from consultation with the NTU community: students, staff and alumni.

An inspirational teacher at NTU creates memorable, positive learning experiences, is a catalyst for change in the student, and embodies the discipline, practice or profession for the student.

Tim Rundle, winner of the Vice Chancellor's Outstanding Award for an Established Teacher tells us, "I would strongly recommend all staff nominated to embrace the opportunity and take part in the VCTA. I found the process to be extremely rewarding;  reflecting on my teaching practice, consolidating my experience and receiving feedback from students and peers. It has been one of the most celebratory and confirmatory experiences of my teaching career. If you are nominated , go for it!"

This award has been won previously by:


  • Zakwan Arab (ADBE)
  • Emanuela Cervato (AAH)
  • Matt Connell (AAH)
  • Takanori Funamoto (AAH)
  • David Jukes (ARES)
  • Louise Gentle (ARES)
  • Helen Merrin (A&D)
  • Ryan Murray (NLS)
  • Ofelia Palermo (NBSl)
  • Emma Reith-Hall (SSS)
  • Mark Sergeant (SSS)
  • Laurence Shaw (SST)
  • Georgia Stone (AAH)


  • Dan Brown(SST)
  • Carl Kilcourse (AAH)
  • Shishir Malde(NBS)
  • David Mann(AAH)
  • Patrick O'Connor (AAH)
  • Tim Rundle(A&D)
  • Chris Towers (SSS)
  • Gareth Williams(SSS)
  • Kelly Yarnell(ARES)
  • Eva Zysk(SSS)


  • Sheridan Brown (NIoE)
  • Ruth Crawford (AAH)
  • Anna Dawson (AAH)
  • Matthew Homewood (NLS)
  • Donna Humphrey ((AAH)
  • Sue Hunt (NIoE)
  • Moira Moran (NIoE)
  • David Wright (AAH)


  • Doreen Connor (EDU)
  • Sarah Davies (EDU)
  • Ronan Fitzsimons (AAH)
  • Pamela Henderson (NLS)
  • Dr James Hind (SST)
  • Nicky-Jane Kerr-Gilbert (EDU)
  • Andrew O'Hagan (SST)
  • Dr Chris Reynolds (AAH)


  • Rachael Blazewicz-Bell (EDU)
  • Jo Boylan-Kemp (NLS)
  • Dr Ben Clutterbuck (ARES)
  • Justine Davidson (A&D)
  • Catherine Gripton (EDU)
  • Nick Prior (ADBE)


  • Dr Matthew Ashton (SSS)
  • Victoria Brown (EDU)
  • Alan Crisp (ADBE)
  • Tina Downes (A&D)
  • Dr David Fairhurst (SST)
  • Dr Michael Loughlin (SST)
  • Dr Nicholas Morton (AAH)
  • Anthony Ward (ADBE)


  • Professor Robert Ackrill (NBS)
  • Jane Challinor (SSS)
  • Dr Tony Harris (EDU)
  • Rowena Hill (SSS)
  • Dr Chris Royle (ARES)
  • Dr Graham Sharpe (SST)

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