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The Doctoral School

Research Degrees and Professional Doctorates

NTU is an award-winning, research-focused institution committed to developing the researchers of tomorrow. With PhD opportunities across each of our academic schools and research centres, we support doctoral researchers across a range of disciplines. Our flexible offer means that many of our doctorates can be completed at distance as well as on-campus. Our friendly doctoral team will support you throughout your research journey, from enquiry to completion. Chat to staff, join our webinars and watch videos to find out more.


Our Research from A - Z

At NTU, our world-class interdisciplinary research boldly tackles the challenges faced and questions asked by our communities. Explore some highlights from A - Z.


Inspiring Women Researchers

To mark International Women's Day 2020, and because our research community is full of inspiring women, we chatted to a few about their experiences at NTU, the challenges they’ve overcome and their ambitions for the future.