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How to get your ideas heard

We caught up with Afua Acheampong, Vice President for Education at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union (NTSU) for her top tips on how to get your ideas heard. Here’s what she had to say…

We’ve joined up with NTSU to show you there are lots of ways to get involved and have your say, here’s how:

  • You can talk with either your School or Course reps. Elected through Nottingham Trent Students’ Union (NTSU), these reps are responsible for gathering feedback, and work with both the Union and ourselves to enhance your university experience – especially in the classroom.
  • Liv Broad – NTSU’s VP Community and Welfare – holds a monthly Student Sustainability Forum. If you’ve got any ideas for sustainable development at NTU, this is your chance to explore them.
  • NTSU’s Big Ideas scheme is another great way to constructively voice your thoughts on improving the student experience at NTU. Submit an idea to them and it’ll be voted on, then presented to the Student Council, and finally the Executive Student Forum – which includes Bradley Fox, the President of the Union.
  • NTSU has an open-door policy across all of NTU’s campuses, so you can meet with one of their Executive Officers if you’d rather discuss an idea in person.
  • The Union has also created an International Student Network – a great resource for sharing ideas, if you’re part of our global community of students.
  • NTSU’s Communications team regularly sends out surveys, and we really encourage you to take part in them.
  • Union meetings happen once a term, and give you the chance to vote on the really big ideas. Plus, you can discuss your own ideas with the Union’s reps.

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