Your voice has influenced change. Take a look at the improvements we've made as a result of your feedback.

  • We’ve created a new indoor tennis centre at Clifton Campus, built to British Tennis specification.
  • We're now part of BUCS UNIversal programme, which means you can use your NTU Active membership to access your local University gym* and their facilities. (Please check eligible universities that are part of this programme.)
  • Our Play for Fun programme is now in place so you can access sport on a casual basis. Sessions cost just £2 and you don't have to be a member of NTU Sport to attend.
  • As part of our Play for Fun programme, we’ve created a stamp card – you can claim free gifts after you have attended enough sessions to fill the card. We also have a reward and recognition scheme available to our sports volunteers.
  • We've created the combined Active and Sports club membership, offering a significant discount for being part of a sports club and going to the gym, attending classes, and making court bookings.
  • We now have six new changing rooms at Clifton Campus, with a large social area and balcony views over the hockey pitch. The social area has the capacity to be used for meetings, team talks and post-match analysis.
  • We've invested heavily in Heads of Sports and new Lead and Assistant Coaches for a large number of clubs.
  • To improve the quality of the officials we use for matches, we now line manage all officials, referees and umpires, and have placed them on contracts.
  • We now deliver specialised committee training sessions for each of the different club roles, including marketing, comms and finance.
  • We've updated the social secretary roles to Social and Wellbeing Officer. This now includes mental health awareness training and signposting support from Student Minds, the UK's student mental heath charity. We're also heavily involved with the annual Mental Health Week in conjunction with the Student Support Team.
  • We've created a sports scholar academic programme to allow flexibility for scholars on a Wednesday.
  • We've purchased another nine-seater minibus to support more external travel for clubs.
  • We've introduced Club of the Week, rewarding clubs for doing something positive, such volunteering or achieving a great result.
  • The gym now plays a wider variety of music. (This change was championed by Nottingham Trent Students’ Union, following feedback from student academic representatives.)

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