NTU Doctoral School

Your voice has influenced change. Take a look at the improvements we've made in your school as a result of your feedback.


    Nottingham Business School

    • Allocated a substantial School fund, and developed a clear and transparent process to apply for funding to attend conferences open to all. You can also submit bids for funding to the School’s Research Strategy Group’s Seedcorn funding annual competition.
    • Invited students to all the research seminars, inaugural lectures, and business leaders’ lectures to increase opportunities to participate in the academic life of the School. Also invited students to become active members of the School’s research groups.

    Nottingham Law School

    • Invited all who expressed an interest in teaching to interview, resulting in teaching experience for many. Those who were not offered teaching experience, were invited to observe established staff teaching.
    • Supported the creation of the Early Career Researchers Forum to give more opportunity to discuss research issues.

    Professional Doctorates

    • Introduced new elements of workshops to support you in writing academic posters, conference and journal abstracts, presenting your research at conferences and writing journal articles to help with disseminating research.
    • Created a wiki space where students can work collaboratively sharing knowledge and understanding.

    School of Animal Rural and Environmental Sciences

    • Increased opportunities to present research in the school by organising two research lunch meetings, with presentations by selected PhD students followed by open discussion.
    • Enhanced advice on careers and employability by scheduling a round table discussion with the team last March.

    School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment

    • Launched and supported a new student mentoring/buddy system, giving PhD students the opportunity to volunteer to participate.
    • Increased teaching opportunities for PhD students with a coordinated effort across the school and ensured that these opportunities are advertised transparently.

    School of Art & Design

    • Installed appropriate software to Apple computers and checked and updated Windows-based computers in the PGR study room (Bon 217) for exclusive use by PGR students.
    • Increased sharing of good supervisory practice and evaluation by organising a Supervisor’s Workshop in November 2018, and intend to hold these once per term to facilitate the sharing of best practice.

    School of Arts and Humanities

    • Increased opportunities to discuss your work with fellow postgraduate research students by introducing the very popular termly work-in-progress seminars.
    • Distributed information about all research seminars to all postgraduate research students and encouraged participation for a more inclusive School research culture.

    School of Science & Technology

    • Introduced a meeting with the Associate Dean for Research to give you a voice and open channels of communication on Institutional issues so that you are involved in all aspects of Research.
    • Established a school based mandatory training event focussed on STEM subjects.

    School of Social Sciences

    • Improved research training opportunities with a review of the content and delivery of Research and Presentational Skills (RPS) and Quantitative and Qualitative Methods (QQM) research training modules, scheduled block-teaching to better match needs of part-time students, and provided Discourse Analysis and Participatory Action Research.
    • Liaised with Library Services to improve training announcements, ensuring that all students receive emails to increase awareness of the support on offer.

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