School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment

Your voice has influenced change. Take a look at the improvements we've made in your school as a result of your feedback.

  • All computers in the Maudslay computer suites have been fully updated with the latest industry-standard design software packages.
  • We've purchased 2,000 licences for software. This tool allows you to add to your existing CAD training, giving you 24-hour access off-site / on-site and frees up more space in our high quality CAD rooms for additional self-learning.
  • We now have a dedicated technician to support model-making.
  • We've now opened up Arkwright Studio (ARK111) for access over the weekend.
  • Our IT suites, model-making room, and study centre are now open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on Saturday and Sundays.
  • Round the clock access is now available to Mac computers in the Barnes Wallis building during busy times of the academic year. (This change was championed by Nottingham Trent Students’ Union, following feedback from student academic representatives.)

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