School of Science and Technology

Your voice has influenced change. Take a look at the improvements we've made in your school as a result of your feedback.

  • School Student Representatives are invited to committee meetings and TiLT working groups to share their opinions with NTU, and have a dedicated Facebook page to share their thoughts and experiences with each other. We've also introduced Gold and Platinum level Rep awards to recognise their dedication.
  • To enhance your experience of tutors, we've provided training sessions to staff, focusing on consistent student support and the role of the tutor.
  • We implemented a Professional Practice Module and Enquiry Based Learning and Personal Development Plans as part of Tutorials and Foundation modules.
  • Course tutorials are now closely linked with students' assessments and we have one-to-ones and virtual tutorials to encourage student engagement.
  • We've introduced SCALE-UP to provide more varied teaching methods.
  • New styles of assessment have been introduced, including assessment by blog, video or poster presentation, and elevator pitches.
  • The Employability Centre is now on the ground floor of the Pavilion, where placements and job opportunities are displayed on boards and staff are available for one-to-one appointments.
  • We now offer a Science and Technology Recruitment Fair, the Women in STEM event and the Brackenhurst Jobs Fair, which all host science sector employers.

Other improvements

  • We’ve added more space for research and teaching in the new ISTEC building, with over 200 spaces for chemistry, biology, maths, computing and engineering. New sports research labs are also being built in the CELS building.
  • The School of Science and Technology took on 17 graduates in the Graduate Internship Scheme last year.

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