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Students in Boots library

If you used all your five choices on your original UCAS application, and did not receive any offers, or declined them all, you have one more chance using UCAS Extra.

If you didn’t use up all your five choices when you applied, and you have not accepted or declined any offers, then you can just add another choice in UCAS Track now.

If you are not eligible for UCAS Extra and will have to wait until 5 July to apply through Clearing.

UCAS Extra closes at 6pm on 30 June, so if you are eligible, add your extra choice before the deadline.

Further information on UCAS Extra

If you need help with your application give us a call on +44 (0)115 848 6000 or AskNTU with your query.

See UCAS’ advice pages on Extra for more information.

NTU’s UCAS institution code name is NOTRE and the UCAS institution code is N91.