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Waiting for A-level results day – dos and don’ts


Breathe, relax...and plan

Do remember that what’s done is done. It’s normal to feel a little anxious after your exams, especially after two years of hearing how important the results are. Whatever the outcome, you’ll have other options, opportunities, and chances.

Don’t spend your whole summer fretting (OK – easier said than done...) that includes asking your friends what answers they gave, or agonising about what you should have written in your last exam. Try to keep yourself busy.

Do give the prospects of Clearing some proper thought. Whatever results you’re expecting, it doesn’t hurt to have a Plan B – that way, you can make a potentially hectic day work in your favour.

Don’t leave it all to the last second. Minutes matter on results day – you shouldn’t be digging around for your UCAS Track password and phone numbers. Plan, plan, and plan again – try to keep the surprises to a minimum.


Go and see the world

Do get away for a bit. Trust us – you don’t get six weeks off forever. So whether it’s blowing off some steam with your friends, or finally going to Thailand – go and see a bit of the world. Put the memory of your exams and the prospect of results day behind you, and give yourself a break. But...

Don’t book a holiday that means you’re away on results day!

A young man writing on a board in a professional environment

Make the most of your summer

Do think about a summer job or internship, if you’re planning on sticking around. Employers place a lot of value on experience, and transferrable skills – the kinds of things you can only pick up in the workplace. And of course, the money doesn’t hurt.

Do look into the possibility of voluntary work. It’s the best way to get involved professionally with something you’re passionate about. Even if it doesn’t pay well (or at all), volunteering speaks volumes about your commitment, enthusiasm, and work ethic.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to do with your life. Most people don’t, and careers for life are becoming rarer and rarer. Your degree will help to show you what you really care about, and what you’re best at.

Get in touch with us, and each other

Don’t fret about making new friends here. If you’ve got any questions or concerns before you arrive, visit the Student Room. You can speak directly to our official rep - a current student, who’ll be happy to tell you what it’s like to live and learn here. You'll also find lots of offer holders like you on the NTU forum too, ready to have a chat.

All our halls of residence are on Facebook and Twitter too, so there’s plenty of ways to engage with the NTU community before you arrive.

Finally – and most importantly – do make the most of the summer with your friends and family, before you go your separate ways. In all of the excitement, don’t forget your roots, or the people who’ve supported you!

Further information on Clearing

If you need help with your application give us a call on +44 (0)115 848 6000 or email with your query.

See UCAS’ advice pages on Clearing and Adjustment for more information.

Visit the NTU forum on The Student Room to meet and talk to fellow applicants. If you have any questions about Clearing, your application, or about NTU, our student rep Chris is on-hand to provide the answers.

NTU’s UCAS institution code name is NOTRE and the UCAS institution code is N91.

Still need help?

Clearing and Adjustment hotline
+44 (0)115 848 6000