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Your finances

Find information relating to your tuition fees, accommodation fees, and details on how you can contact our Student Financial Support team.

Tuition fees

Will my tuition fees be reduced due to the impact of coronavirus?

The ‘tuition fee’ covers a wide range of activities and services which are designed to support your learning. It includes the teaching sessions and access to learning facilities, but also a range of other supporting services.

Given the coronavirus outbreak, and in accordance with government advice, NTU has acted to make alternative arrangements to continue to support your learning, whichever year you are in and whichever point of your learning you have reached.

We understand this is different, but the alternative still supports your learning and enables you to demonstrate this through assessments, some of which will also have to change, on which further guidance will be issued to you on 31 March.

Find out more about our commitment to transparency about fees.

Your finances

Will my Student Finance be affected, now that NTU has moved to online-teaching?

The Student Loans Company has produced guidance for current students, which is available at

I am worried about my finances. Who can I talk to?

If you have concerns about your finances, our Student Financial Support team is here to help. The team is able to offer advice and guidance on financial hardship, Student Finance (Student Loans), budgeting, and money management. You can also arrange for 1:1 telephone appointments with our Money Advisers if you require more in-depth support.

Telephone: 0115 848 2494



Accommodation fees

Will I have to pay my accommodation fees for term three?

If you rent from NTU at Brackenhurst Halls, Bramley Cottage, College Drive or 21 Waverley Street then no. If you have already left your accommodation in term three and do not intend to return other than to collect belongings, you have not been charged.

NTU will also cover the cost of any student not using their accommodation in term three who rents from UPP and has already left. Again we have contacted all students to ask their whereabouts and have adjusted rents accordingly.

If you rent from a private provider, you will need to contact them direct to understand if you will be charged for term three.

I have moved out of my student accommodation and do not intend to return but my accommodation provider is still requiring me to pay rent for the summer term. What can I do?

We understand this is a difficult time for students, and that you are concerned about being charged fees for your accommodation next term despite having moved out of your student accommodation.

Unfortunately, accommodation agreements are legally binding and it is up to accommodation providers to decide whether they will agree to end agreements early, or negotiate with students. As such, we advise that until you have reached an agreement, or your contract is ended, you continue to pay your rent.

NTU is in active communication with many providers to encourage them to waive room fees. We encourage you to contact your accommodation provider directly, and we have set out some guidance below on how to do this:

  • Check if they have already agreed that students not returning this academic year will have their fees waived.
  • Check if your contract has something called a ‘break clause’.
  • If your contract has a ‘break clause’: this may mean that you can leave your contract early - before the end the term - providing you give the required notice. You may have to pay rent until the required notice period has ended.
  • Please be aware if you are in a shared house, you can only use a break clause if everyone in the house wants to move out.

If you don’t have a break clause:

  • Speak to your accommodation provider (landlord, agent or private company) and see if you can come to an agreement with them. Whilst there is no requirement for them to make any changes, you may be able to negotiate.
  • You should explain that you want to end the tenancy with your accommodation provider earlier than the contracted period. If the accommodation provider is happy to let you go without further rent payments, then you will not be required to pay rent. You should ensure that your accommodation provider confirms any changes in writing.
  • If your accommodation provider will not release you from the contract, you are still legally required to pay your rent. They can still hold you or your guarantor accountable for the money, even if you have moved out.
  • If you have paid a deposit and are moving out, ask when you will get your deposit back. Deposit scheme rules vary, but you may only have 3 months (less one day) from the end of the tenancy to access the “alternative dispute resolution service”. This service is needed if you disagree with the amount they have requested to keep from your deposit.
  • If your accommodation provider does not agree to end your tenancy early and your rent includes an amount for bills – you could ask the accommodation provider to reduce your rent amount as utility bills will be lower with no one staying in the property. Again, they are not required to do so, but you may be able to come to an agreement with them.

Please also take a look at our latest update to find out what else NTU has been doing to support students regarding their accommodation fees.

If you need more information please get in contact with NTSU advice centre or our accommodation team on 0115 848 2894.

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