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Term One 2020 - being on campus

Find out important information about your accommodation and being on campus in September 2020.

Being on campus

Find out important information about being on campus from September 2020 and what we are doing to keep students and staff safe.

  • Will my course start in September 2020

    Our course start dates remain as previously advertised.

    Find out the term dates for September 2020.

  • Will my course be delivered online, in person or a mix?

    Courses will have a mix of face to face and online teaching. Students, as in previous years, will continue to spend some of their time in self-directed learning (reading, research, assignments etc.).

    Our courses will be taught under the same principles of collaborative learning that enables our students to succeed. Course teams are designing the delivery of interactive online teaching and learning activity that makes the most of technology, alongside key face to face activities that ensure you receive the optimal NTU experience. Whilst we can’t yet share what this look like for each course, we will share more details when we can.

  • When will I get my timetable?

    Timetables will be released termly, which will allow time for students to plan around the ever-changing environment we find ourselves in.

    Current students

    We intent to make Term One timetables available for current students on 14 September 2020.

    We understand that you would prefer access to your timetable sooner, however we need to consider adjusting student numbers on each course following exam boards and potential resits – that process is even more important this year due to social distancing guidelines and other safety considerations.

    Applicants and offer holders

    We are intending to make Term One timetables available for new students on 21 September 2020.

    We understand that you might prefer access to your timetable sooner however each year we have to wait until after A’ level results day in order to finalise timetables, due to changing numbers of students on courses. That finalisation process is even more important this year due to social distancing guidelines and other safety considerations.

  • How will the University manage social distancing?

    We’ve been busy behind the scenes to ensure that you will be safe to be on campus. Some of the things we’re doing include:

    • We are designing new layouts in classrooms and facilities to support active collaborative learning in a safer environment, and this includes laboratories and specialist facilities.
    • We will be timetabling courses in line with social distancing guidelines, so there will be fewer students in rooms than usual.
    • Where possible, we will be timetabling so that students can be kept in consistent groups.
    • We are introducing one-way traffic flows around buildings and have produced signage to guide people around our campuses and buildings.
    • There will be hand sanitiser stations in every building.
    • We are replacing standard taps with sensor control taps.
    • We will continue with enhanced regular cleaning of commonly used areas in buildings.
    • We will be installing screens to facilitate face to face meetings where it is not possible to adhere to social distancing guidance but deemed necessary to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

    We can’t do this alone, and we will need our students to follow guidelines designed to protect their own safety and wellbeing and that of others, both inside and outside University premises and to follow government guidelines with regards to social distancing and use of face coverings.

    Find out more about the Coronavirus guidelines.

  • How are you planning to provide value for money and a quality student experience?

    We always aim to provide a high quality and enriching experience for all our students, we know that’s important for your experience whilst you are at university. We recognise that, as for many aspects of our lives, the COVID-19 pandemic means your student experience will look and feel different in 2020-21 to that of previous years. But our aim remains the same and we are working closely with students to develop our plans for teaching and for other aspects of student life. To help both our new and our returning students understand what student life at NTU will be like, we are developing a comprehensive programme of pre-arrival information and welcome activities for you and will continue to support you during your studies in a variety of ways.

    We are looking at how those students who will be on campus in September will engage in high quality teaching, as well as what measures we can take for those students who won’t be able to be on campus due to COVID-19 issues.

    Our courses are taught using the principles of active and collaborative learning which helps all our students to succeed. Whether teaching is face-to-face or online, you can be assured that courses are designed to high standards and give you the best opportunities for successful and enjoyable learning. We use a range of digital technologies inside and outside the classroom and we will support you in using that technology and other resources to get the most out of your studies.

    Here are some examples of how we will ensure you have a high quality and rewarding experience with NTU:

    • Students will still have access to specialist facilities such as laboratories and studio spaces, however we will need to carefully manage the timetable for these to abide by social distancing guidelines.
    • We are reviewing all of the University’s estate and facilities, with a view to be innovative with the use of alternative spaces on campus, to provide the most positive student experience.
    • Our library services are working hard to ensure the availability of digital texts and will continue to provide the study support services virtually until it is possible to do otherwise.
    • Our award-winning Student Support Services team have a clear online offer to students and have already increased this service during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Every course will continue to have work-like experience embedded within it. Whilst that may look different this year, it will still be a key part of your experience. Our employability team will continue to support students with advice on how to boost prospects, provide practical skills support and be a key support for work experience and placement opportunities.

  • What happens if I can't be there for the start of Term 1?

    Whilst all courses will be taught through a mixture of face to face and online teaching, we recognise that due to restrictions on travel from overseas, self-isolation and shielding issues due to COVID-19, there may be some students unable to attend campus. Our course teams are looking at what support could be put in place for students in these exceptional circumstances.

Your accommodation for September 2020

Find out the measures we're putting in place to make sure all students are safe when moving into their accommodation in September, and what to do if you may not be able to move in at that time.

  • Will halls of residence be open in September?

    Yes, all our halls will be open.

  • How will you be managing moving in day?

    Information will be sent to all students prior to check in. We are planning carefully how to safely get our students into accommodation in September and will be following all current government guidelines on social distancing.

  • I have a room booked, but will I still be able to physically come and use my room?

    Yes, when you move in, your new flatmates will become your household and you will be able to socialise with them without observing social distancing.

  • How will the accommodation work, and what steps will you have in place to safeguard students?

    We are working very hard to make sure our students have the best possible experience and stay safe. We are planning carefully how to safely get our students into accommodation in September, and will be following all current government guidelines.

    Enhanced cleaning will continue to be in place around communal areas, such as reception, entry points, kitchen/living spaces.

  • Will I lose my room if I decide or need to stay at home initially?

    You should contact the accommodation team if you have any concerns or special requirements. The majority of our contracts start in September for 44 weeks, and a small number of contracts are offered on a 51 week basis.

    If you need to arrive later, we would cancel your September booking and assist you to find later start accommodation.

  • What happens to my accommodation deposit if I chose to live at home?

    If you choose to live at home, you will need to cancel your accommodation booking.

    Find out what to do if you need to cancel your accommodation.

    If you have booked with a private provider, please the terms & conditions of your booking contract.

    Find out more about accommodation.

  • What should I do if all accommodation is booked?

    Most of our University-owned halls are now full but we do still have limited rooms left with our private providers. Our friendly accommodation team are here to help you find your new home, whether it's in University-owned halls of residence, halls of residence run by our partner providers or private companies, or accredited shared housing.

    Email the accommodation team or call +44 (0)115 848 2894 if you need any help with your booking.

  • How will you support me if I have to quarantine on arrival into the UK?

    We are preparing for our international students who will be required to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival into the country.

    For those students who have booked into NTU and UPP halls, we will be providing dedicated accommodation at our Brackenhurst campus, where you will have a fully stocked kitchen and freezer available to ensure you are able to stay safe during this period. We will have a support team available to help you if you have any issues during that time.

    We are in touch with private providers to ensure they have availability for international students to quarantine.

    Once your quarantine period is over, you will then be able to move into your booked accommodation.

    We will communicate with you in the coming weeks when we have more details.

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