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Autumn Events

If you’re a student in Nottingham you could enjoy these festivals throughout autumn and winter…

Autumn in Nottingham is full of exciting events to keep you entertained. With things happening every weekend not only is it a great way to explore the city, but your social diary will be full until December!

Early October brings Europe’s biggest fair to Nottingham. Goose Fair is an annual celebration that for five days every October brings entertainment to the people of Nottingham through a mixture of rides, food and games. So how did the fair get its name and what does it have to do with geese? The most recent origins of the fair date back to 1752 where the people of Nottingham sold literal geese. The fair gradually transitioned into a week of entertainment with less birds and more fairground rides. Although we no longer sell geese you can still be on the lookout for Goosey, the fair’s feathery mascot!

Goose Fair
Goose Fair

31 October brings all things spooktacular to Nottingham as we celebrate Halloween. Throughout October ghosts, ghouls and even a giant pumpkin will be arriving in the city. Whether you join in the traditional fancy dress and go trick or treating or you prefer something more haunted, Nottingham has it all. Why not take a visit to the Gallery of Justice which is one of England’s most haunted buildings. Or you can even take a ghost walk and learn all about Nottingham’s wicked history. And who knows you may even catch sight of a ghost!

If you’re wondering why Nottingham is known as a cultural city then come along and join Nottingham’s Hockley Hustle. No matter what style of music you like or whether you prefer graffiti or fine art, this event brings together hundreds of musicians, performers and artists and allows a glimpse into Nottingham’s many diverse cultures. The best bit of all is that it is designed to raise money for local charities all across Nottingham. Although Hockley Hustle is for one day only you can always find live music and performances happening throughout Nottingham. You just need to know where to look!

Cobden Chambers
Cobden Chambers, Hockley

Come the 5 November the skies of Nottingham will be filled with smoke as we celebrate Bonfire Night. When you mention Bonfire Night the first name that comes to mind is Guy Fawkes. Due to being caught red handed in Parliament he has become the most famous conspirator of the gunpowder plot, a scheme to assassinate the King and replace him with a catholic Queen. Every year all throughout the UK we have remembered the date by lighting bonfires and watching fireworks. The evening also brings an opportunity to try some traditional British snacks such as bonfire toffee and parkin cake, a traditional sponge cake made from oatmeal and ginger. So join the people of Nottingham and gaze into the hazy sky for an evening of fun and remembrance.

If that's not enough excitement then you can find even more events and festivals at our Visit Nottinghamshire website.

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