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Project showcase

The students that participated in the Virtual Student Exchange created some thought-provoking and innovative projects. We've included a few of them below so you can see what they worked on during the exchange.

Group 19 and 45 - The Covid Effect Project

Group 19 and 45 collaborated on a presentation exploring the Covid Effect.

Their presentation had a number of themes, such as:

  • The pandemic’s role in our communities.
  • The Green Impact
  • Online Communities
  • Mindset of Employers?
  • How has the media coverage of the pandemic shaped the perception of it?

Group 19 and 45's project

Group 18 - NTU Virtual Exchange Report

Group 18 worked on a report for the Virtual Exchange.

The areas they analysed were:

  • Our cultures
  • Creating a sense of inclusive community
  • Covid long-lasting change
  • The changed mindset of employers
  • The green impact of the pandemic
  • The impact on the community

Group 18's project

Group 35

Group 35 - Covid Effects in our Community

Group 35 explored  the effects that Covid had in their Communities. Within this report they looked at

  • Positive effects
  • Negative effects
  • Green impact
  • Media coverage
  • Virtual interactions

Group 35's project

Group 10

Group 10 - The Covid Effect

Group 10 created a poster on 'The Covid Effect', which contained information on:

  • Virtual community
  • Employer mindset
  • Inclusivity
  • Green impact
  • Communal changes

Group 10's project

Group 7

Group 7 - Positive Covid Effects

Group 7 worked on the positive effects that Covid has had on 4 countries, Romania, Germany, UK and USA. They explored such factors as:

  • Remote working
  • A growing sense of community
  • Digital changes
  • Transition to green energy

Group 7's project

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