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MSc student survey

The MSc International Business (Dual Award) degree offered by Nottingham Business School provides students with an exceptional opportunity to gain two Master degrees in just 15 months. Find out more on this page.


The MSc International Business (Dual Award) degree offered by Nottingham Business School provides students with an exceptional opportunity to gain two Master degrees in just 15 months. The Dual Award allows students to study at one of five acclaimed partner institutions in Europe or Taiwan. The course features a highly valuable international internship, an in-depth academic project and an opportunity for students to study in the UK and abroad. It’s a truly international experience.

Students who have completed this degree have told us what it was like to study at NBS and what they have achieved since they graduated. Some of their stories are highlighted below.

Ana Lucia

Ana Lúcia Sousa Henriques

Ana Lucia had studied Communication before enrolling on a Dual Award and was hoping that the course would help her to find more job opportunities or even to start her own business. She is now an SEO Content Writer for an international IT consultant in Portugal, a job she knows she could only have secured because of her international experience and the English language skills she developed during her time spent studying abroad.

This was one of the best experiences of my life. Nottingham is a welcoming and not so expensive small city, the university is the best I ever attended. I didn't feel lonely or any kind of cultural shock for a single day during the whole experience. Professionally speaking, NTU deeply influenced my professional path, as I worked 3 years for the company where I made my final internship. I have made friends for life among colleagues and teachers. Reuniting with them during the Graduation ceremony was a very special moment, something my family, colleagues and I will never forget.

Ana Lúcia Sousa Henriques


Jonathan Mattimore

Jonathan really wanted to be able to start his career internationally and he thought that studying the Dual Award program at NTU was a very accessible way to take his study further and be able to obtain a truly international experience by studying and gaining a second degree abroad. He was able to study abroad at KEDGE Business School in Marseille and specialise even further in his field of Finance. It was also a different way of learning, which he said was really beneficial for his development.

The most rewarding part of studying the Dual Award has been the opportunities that have opened up to me as a result. I have been able to work in two different countries and be promoted in both companies I have worked for, and it's very rewarding to see the hard work pay off. My future career goals are to continue progressing in my international career, and NTU has certainly helped with this through the skills I learned and personal development opportunities that I had. It has also given my study and hard work recognition in another country through the double degree I earned in France.

Jonathan Mattimore


Thomas Gelinet

Thomas had a scientific background prior to joining the course and a Bachelor's degree in Business and Management which included 6 months of study at Warsaw School of Economics. By completing the Dual Degree he hoped to prove his capabilities to work in a fully international context after graduating by pairing his existing specialised MSc in International Sport & Event Management with a more global one. Thomas said that without any doubt the 2-week International Consulting mission in Brescia was the highlight of the degree. It was one more application of the international challenge of this programme and the opportunity to build strong relations with other teammates from all over the world.

After graduating I joined Lagardère Sports France Headquarters in Paris as Business Intelligence Assistant before signing my first contract with them as Market Intelligence Manager. Now, as a Full-Time Business Intelligence Analyst at the AS Monaco Football Club, I would say that the dual degree allowed me to get on one hand the expertise of the sport business world and on the other hand the capacity to work in global companies. The facilities at NTU are excellent, lecturers and professors are really good and finally, the management team is really helpful. I only keep in mind good memories from the programme and can confirm that having this MSc degree is a real plus when looking for international opportunities.

Thomas Gelinet


Sacha Deloras

Sacha was attracted to the course initially because of the double international experience available and the possibility to achieve 2 degrees in a relatively short period of time. The time he spent studying in Taiwan allowed him to meet people from all over the world and to build a global network. It was challenging to organise a 6-month stay on the other side of the globe but the amazing support provided by both universities in doing so made things easier. Sacha has said that his advice to anyone thinking about studying the MSc International Business (Dual Award) at Nottingham Business School would be to just go for it!

The benefits I got from the dual award clearly outweigh the extra time spent studying. An MSc, for those not pursuing a PHD, is supposed to be the last times spent at Uni before starting our professional life. So that being, it is best to go the extra mile one last time, and the benefits clearly outweigh this extra time. The international experience is something that will create memories for ever! I think the Dual award, compared to a single award, as well as the international experience, clearly helps me stand out. I learned a lot about cross-cultural management, which definitely gave me an edge in all my roles, as I always worked in diverse teams with many different nationalities. On top of that, I made lifelong global friendships, networks, and memories.

Sacha Deloras


Veronika Koltyukova

Veronika chose the Dual Award MSc because of the additional benefits she knew would come from the dual MSc experience - more diversity in subjects and in teaching approaches, meeting more friends and acquaintances from different parts of the world, more career opportunities, and of course an additional masters degree from a renowned university. Veronika’s favourite aspect of the course was the dynamic curriculum including a study trip to Toulouse and a mandatory internship. In Toulouse she had the opportunity to be a real consultant for a French company, building an innovative business plan and testing its viability in the market.

The most rewarding part of the program for me was the people I met (both colleagues and teachers). While doing this programme, I've crossed paths with some of the most talented and hardworking people that soon became great friends. Since we all came from different cultural, religious and academic backgrounds, the resulting exchange of experiences and perspectives played an important role in broadening our horizons and increasing our sense of empathy and understanding of the world. I’ve had the opportunity of learning from (and network with) business professionals and field experts and to be part of this dynamic ecosystem was the greatest opportunity that NTU provided me.
Ofelia Palermo

Ofelia Palermo, Principal Lecturer at Nottingham Business School, said:
The MSc International Business team is constantly engaged with developing a holistic international experience to those who enrol on the programme. The underpinning ethos of the MSc International Business draws on passion, inclusion, and valuing ideas. It strives to regenerate and revitalise the student experience across borders, and in an era of fast, radical change.

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