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Meet our Student Exchange Buddies

Our Student Exchange Buddies are available to provide advice to exchange students about studying at NTU.

Kofi abroad- Student Exchange Buddy

Our  Student Exchange Buddies (SEBs) have recently returned from studying, working, and volunteering abroad so they have a good understanding of what it is like to be a new student at a new university.

If you are a student coming to NTU from another university as part of an exchange programme our SEBs are here to offer you support, guidance and friendship. See their recommendations below on how to have a great time in Nottingham.

If you are an NTU student who is interested in studying abroad, you can contact our SEBs for advice about how to prepare for your time abroad. Watch a video about Ellie's experience here.

Our SEBs can be contacted by email - see the selected profiles below for details or click here for a full list of our Student Exchange Buddy profiles. You'll need to sign in to the Virtual Global Lounge via MS Teams to access the student profiles.

Student Exchange Buddy Nottingham Recommendations

See a full list of more recommendations, including places to eat and drink for how to make the most of your time whilst at NTU here in the Virtual Global Lounge via MS Teams (where you'll have to login with your student email).

Kofi- Student Exchange Buddy

Meet Kofi who travelled to France

My name is Kofi Turkson and I studied the MSC International Business course at NTU.

I travelled to KEDGE Business School in France to study a Dual Degree programme. My highlight was seeing and experiencing how, amid a pandemic, people rallied around and supported each other. It was beautiful to see how it brought us together and made us closer than ever before.

“I realised my ability to adapt to different environments and make informed decisions has improved drastically.”

Top Tip: GO!! Explore the world, make new friends, don’t say no to new experiences when they pop up, taste new dishes, try new hobbies, run all over the place, make every day count, make it an adventure. Watch a video about Kofi's experience here.

Contact me for advice about studying abroad or if you're an exchange student coming to NTU here.

Kitty- Student Exchange Buddy

Meet Kitty who travelled to China

My name is Kitty and I studied the BA (Hons) Mandarin Chinese and International Relations course at NTU. I travelled to East China Normal University in China to study a Standard Chinese Course. My highlight was the ‘Mid-Autumn Festival’ a traditional festival - a truly authentic cultural experience and opportunity to bond with new classmates. We ate mooncakes, lit rabbit lanterns and took part in a wish-making ceremony.

“My time studying abroad has been one of the best years of my life. You learn the language more effectively through immersion, meet amazing people who will make your time abroad even more unforgettable, and you will form a sort of ‘home away from home’ bond with them.”

Top Tip: Make the most of every opportunity – say yes to everything! Go out as much as you can and meet new people.

Contact me for advice about studying abroad or if you're an exchange student coming to NTU here.

Steph- Student Exchange Buddy

Meet Steph who travelled to Thailand

My name is Steph Nixon and I studied theBA (Hons) International Business course at NTU. I travelled to Thammasat University in Thailand to study Business modules. My highlight was travelling around Thailand as it is such a beautiful country – the low cost of living meant I could afford to visit some amazing islands and experience scenic waterfalls and magical temples.

“It is becoming increasingly important to understand other cultures and adapt quickly in situations. Thailand is very different from the UK in many ways: the culture, the weather, the cuisine, and the overall lifestyle. By studying here, you’ll develop those skills very fast!”

Top Tip: Even though the Thai language is very difficult, make sure that you learn the basics! Many Thai people cannot speak English so it would be beneficial to learn useful phrases for services that you will use such as shops, restaurants, and taxis.

Contact me for advice about studying abroad or if you're an exchange student coming to NTU here.

Kiran- Student Exchange Buddy

Meet Kiran who travelled to Brussels

My name is Kiran Bawa and I studied the BA (Hons) International Business SW course at NTU. I travelled to ICHEC Brussels Management School in Brussels to study Business and marketing modules and French Language.

My highlights were meeting other Erasmus students from around the world and seeing famous landmarks like Atomium in Heysel, and ‘La Monnaie’, a royal opera house in central Brussels!

“Studying abroad enables you to experience new cultures, improve your language skills, gain an increased sense of independence, and even gain key skills such as working in a global team and enhancing your cultural awareness – what amazing skills to have on your CV!”

Top Tip: Embrace the experience! ‘It’s a big world out there, it would be a shame not to experience it.’

Contact me for advice about studying abroad or if you're an exchange student coming to NTU here.

Waiyin- Student Exchange Buddy

Meet Waiyin who travelled to Korea

My name is Waiyin Li and I studied the BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance course at NTU. I travelled to the University of Seoul in South Korea to study Business Administration modules. My highlight was the nightlife! I really enjoyed how there were establishments open late into the night where we could chill with other people and provide exceptional bonding time.

“I saw a big change in my personal growth. Going to a foreign country on your own for the first time and living there makes you mature and resilient to tough situations. After my year abroad I can see how much I’ve changed and am very grateful I made the decision to study abroad.”

Top Tip: People are what really makes the experience special and going out of your comfort zone and trying new things will definitely make you get the most out of your exchange.

Contact me for advice about studying abroad or if you're an exchange student coming to NTU here.

Isabelle- Student Exchange Buddy

Meet Isabelle who travelled to Spain

My name is Isabelle Taitt and I studied the BA (Hons) Spanish and European Studies course at NTU. I travelled to CEIP Infanta Elena in Madrid, Spain to study as an English Language Assistant. My highlights were travelling and seeing new places such as Mallorca.

“Teaching abroad was an invaluable experience. From making friends to seeing the young students really progress in their English skills, my time working in the school was very rewarding. Not only did my year abroad teach me about the Spanish language and culture, but also about myself, my personal growth, and professional goals.”

Top Tip: Make sure you have completed all the necessary paperwork as it can be stressful dealing with bureaucracy in a foreign country.

Contact me for advice about studying abroad or if you're an exchange student coming to NTU here.

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