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Contemporary Issues in Mental Health

What are the contemporary issues in mental health and how do mental health services across the global community compare?

Everyday Life and Criminal Justice in the UK

On this course you will critically appraise different models for understanding mental distress ranging from diagnostic to individuals’ wider interactions with their environment, community and society. You will explore interdisciplinary working including contrasting the interventions available to help people with mental health problems.

There will be a focus on recovery as a critical concept and outcome in contemporary mental health care. Factors such as stigma, discrimination, unemployment and social exclusion will also be explored.

Over this two-week course you will explore:

  • Traditional and contemporary approaches, including diagnosis of mental illness, recovery and wellbeing
  • Cross cultural mental health services and policy
  • Bio psycho-social factors which contribute to mental distress and recovery
  • Inter-disciplinary working in mental health
  • Stigma, discrimination and service user empowerment.

After studying on this course you should be able to evaluate the relationship between the individual and their social context in relation to how this impacts on mental distress, demonstrate a critical understanding of interventions in mental health, evaluate the importance of interdisciplinary perspectives including service user and professional contributions for promoting recovery and change in people’s lives, and critically apply social science knowledge to understand how mental health services are delivered in the UK and beyond.

You should have completed at least one year of undergraduate studies and have the required English language skills.

Course Details

Location: City Campus

Starting: 5 July 2021

Course Duration: Two weeks

Credits: 10 UK / 5 ECTS

Fee: £1,100 / £990 with early payment discount

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