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Drawing as a Journey - from Imagination to Observation

Go on a challenging creative journey, from expressive mark-making techniques to creative approaches to observational drawing.


You will begin the course by freeing your approach to drawing using a variety of different tools and materials. You’ll be encouraged to experiment and reflect, exploring the fundamentals of energy used in drawing, and the resulting actions and gestures. You will:

  • look at the history of mark-making, from tribal crafts to contemporary design
  • complete exercises that experiment with tools and materials
  • record mark-making through movement, from the miniscule to the full body stretch
  • create marks using rhythm, repetition and small changes.

You will begin to see how you can turn simple marks into more confident drawings.

You will then move on to working from the life model. Essential topics such as proportion, shading, foreshortening and methods of measurement will be included, but you will be encouraged to experiment beyond the boundaries of these conventions.

Towards the end of the first half of the course, you will learn how drawing is applied in the design world, and the techniques involved in conveying 3D objects. You will learn about drawing techniques used by professionals, and be set a project based on a 3D design brief.

The first part of this course will be about imagination, developing your personal approach and completing short drawing projects that can add content to your portfolio; the second part of the course is about completing a more involved observational drawing project. You will apply the skills learnt to one or more final,major pieces, where you will deconstruct the elements of your subject to create realism, movement and a sense of the object in space.

Studio activities will be complemented with a day trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the Barbara Hepworth Museumto explore drawing, shape, scale and texture.

Throughout the course, assignments are supported by theory and art historical references that demonstrate the importance of drawing throughout history and how it remains relevant today.

No prior drawing experience is required –everyone is welcome.You should have the required English language skills.

Course Details

Location: City Campus

Starting: 5 July 2021

Course Duration: Two weeks

Credits: 10 UK / 5 ECTS

Fee: £1,100 / £990 with early payment discount

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