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What our students say

Our students discuss their experiences during the Global Summer School and provide you with some advice for when you're here.

Anastasia Karaspiliou, Crete, Architecture

What Anastasia said...

"I started to look for summer schools on the internet. NTU popped up so I started looking at the courses and the university and it was really good – that’s why I chose it.

The teachers really want to help you learn and give you the best experience you can have at the subjects you enjoy. They let you experiment and imagine and let you be yourself…the teachers tell you – you need to let go: to experiment, imagine, let yourself learn. That was the best part for me.

Nottingham is really nice. I like small cities and it is a small city that has everything. It’s very good for the students to relax and go out.

When I came here I was really anxious because I hadn’t had any time to relax and get out of studying after my exams and I was thinking ‘oh its lessons again’. But it doesn’t feel like I’m doing lessons, I’m waking up in the morning and doing things I really love – it’s fun!

I like the atmosphere. It’s really relaxed. I didn’t believe it would be like this. I’m really impressed. I thought it would be really formal and lessons but it’s not like that – the atmosphere is really … letting you talk and have fun.

My advice would be to be open to socialise. That’s the best thing. Be open on the first day to socialise with everybody."

Mario Pieroni, Switzerland, Entrepreneurship

What Mario said...

"I had the opportunity to go and do a summer school for two weeks or four weeks and I could also get some credits to count towards the next semester. My main motivation was the chance to go abroad, but also that I’ll have credits! I had a vacation in July so I looked at what countries and cities I could go to. I knew going to the US or Singapore would be too expensive so I looked in Europe. I decided on Nottingham and then looked at what courses were available. I’d never been to Nottingham. I had been to the UK before and if you go to somewhere with big universities then there’ll be plenty of things going on.

My highlight has been getting to know people from different cultures. We’ve had a pretty cool class so we’ve done a lot of things together in the evenings like going to the cinema. If I go abroad I want to get to know different cultures and improve my English.

I like the fact that Nottingham is a bit smaller than other cities. You don’t want to spend two weeks in a big city and not have the time to see everything. I’d rather go somewhere smaller and the nightlife is pretty cool here. It’s also close to other cities if you want to visit. We’ve been to Cambridge and Birmingham.

I would definitely recommend the whole experience. It was definitely worth it. Be open minded and make the most of it because if you just stick to people you know and don’t get to know others it’s still an experience but you could get more out of it."

Sergio Bris Ruza, Spain, Architecture

What Sergio said...

"I was looking for a place to go in the summer – I looked at Newcastle, Birmingham and Nottingham. This one in Nottingham seemed the most suitable for what I was looking for. I was looking for a drawing course – I am doing architecture so this was the only one because I wanted drawing.

Here, they understand that this a summer course, we don’t want to have lectures and exams. We came here to study, to learn, but also to disconnect from our own universities. They understand that, it is very practical.

I didn’t expect the university to be this big. I expected it to be a small university. It shocked me. I like that the residences are all in the city next to the university.

I’ve been on summer courses before but they were more focused on our English levels. This one is very different in that it focuses on architecture. There’s also English conversations in the afternoons, which I think is good.

My advice would be don’t be scared. You don’t know anyone but just go and talk to them and you’ll meet people from other countries – it’s good to know them."

Lou Margot Bardot
Lou Margot Bardot, France, Entrepreneurship

What Lou said...

"I heard about the summer school through my School. I’m doing a Business course and to complete our diploma we need to have some experience abroad. They asked me if I’d like to do a summer course and one of my friends told me that NTU was really good.

Getting international experience is one of the most important things for my future career.

My advice would be don’t be shy to participate and get to know everyone, even if your English isn’t perfect. Everyone is really kind and understanding with English. Enjoy it!"

Shona image
Shona Young, USA, Photography

What Shona said...

"When visiting the UK in summer-time I always try to attend educational activities - last year I attended the summer school's Documentary Film course.

I want to be a film director one day which is why I chose this years' Photography course as it has a lot of the same basics and composition ideas as film.

My favourite thing has been to use the dark room. We got to use enlargers, we took film that we’d used in film cameras and we enlarged them onto light sensitive paper and used developer and watched the whole process. I’d never seen it done before and I’d never been in a dark room.

The summer school helps you broaden your understanding of people. Even if the course you study isn’t 100% related to the course you study in your University, you are going to meet a lot of people from different places and learn how to communicate with them."

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