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What our students say

Our students discuss their experiences during the Global Summer School and provide you with some advice for when you're here.

Brian Hyunho Cha, Cybercrime and Cyber-Security
Brian Hyunho Cha, Cybercrime and Cyber-Security

What Brian said...

"I graduated this year, and the course was linked to my studies. I wanted to learn different aspects in a different country and continent. I wanted to learn how NTU deals with Cybercrime and Cyber-security.

The best part is meeting new people here. I believe there's over 100 people that are from all over the world. So, meeting new people, getting to know each other and all the different backgrounds. The activities made it really fun and enjoyable, and making new friends was really easy for us.

There was a trip to Oxford and bowling with the buddies which was really fun. All the things we do is making new friends and hanging out with our friends and the Global Summer School Buddies. I really enjoyed my time in Nottingham.

The course was really good at responding to students feedback and adapting. I also found that NTU are really fast at responses and solving the issues. I had an IT issue with Microsoft Teams and, again, it was solved right away."

Shalmika Sivakumar, English Language and Culture Studies
Shalmika Sivakumar (middle), English Language and Culture Studies

What Shalmika said...

I am always a person who always wants to go out explore things. My teachers know about this and encouraged me to go. Fortunately, this has been my dream university, as I have a strong affection for Nottingham.

So far, everything has been brilliant. I can’t pick a favourite moment because the two weeks has been so magical. You work because you love what you do. You meet a lot of people, you socialise, you really gather a little global family here. So that's been my favourite part.

Nottingham is like a home from home, so it doesn’t feel like stepping out of my comfort zone, which helps you improve mentally and physically. You evolve into a good person, and you think, and you work, accordingly. It's a perfect place for that. My favourite place is one small café in the Lace Market, it's called Debbie Bryan’s. I love their hot chocolate. I would recommend it strongly!

As a student, as a person from another country, it's home for you and you feel safe. You can work towards your goal without anything coming in your way. It's a peaceful place for you to grow, achieve, evolve, anything and everything.

Lakesia Brighthaupt, Design and Innovation in Business

What Lakesia said...

"I heard about the summer school through my international marketing professor. She invited me and we were funded through the NSF (National Science Foundation). Who wouldn’t want to go abroad and to the UK?  So I read up on Nottingham and the Business School and it was a no-brainer for me – I definitely wanted to come here. I’m even thinking of doing my masters here!

The best thing about the course is just stepping outside of the box, doing something that I’ve never done before. Getting that hands-on, in-depth feeling of how you start something - the design and the process that it takes to come up with an end product. Learning what designers get inside of their mind and what they go through, starting with the sketching, the model making to then come up with a finished product or design to be able to sell. It was a wonderful experience just to do something that I never done before. Having this hands-on experience, being in the class and having the tutors and the one-to-one support. It just amazing.

If you are thinking of coming to the Global Summer School, please, take the opportunity. You would not in a million years get another opportunity like this. You're going to meet so many different people. You're going to create so many friends. You're going to socialise, you're going to step outside of your comfort zone and NTU is going to take care of you.

You have buddies that will help you along the way the whole time you're here so you're never alone, you're never by yourself. So, whether you feel scared, whether you feel unsure just know that NTU Global Summer School, has you and they have all the support and everything wrapped around you and your needs."

Anastasia Karaspiliou, Crete, Architecture

What Anastasia said...

"I started to look for summer schools on the internet. NTU popped up so I started looking at the courses and the university and it was really good – that’s why I chose it.

The teachers really want to help you learn and give you the best experience you can have at the subjects you enjoy. They let you experiment and imagine and let you be yourself…the teachers tell you – you need to let go: to experiment, imagine, let yourself learn. That was the best part for me.

Nottingham is really nice. I like small cities and it is a small city that has everything. It’s very good for the students to relax and go out.

When I came here I was really anxious because I hadn’t had any time to relax and get out of studying after my exams and I was thinking ‘oh its lessons again’. But it doesn’t feel like I’m doing lessons, I’m waking up in the morning and doing things I really love – it’s fun!

I like the atmosphere. It’s really relaxed. I didn’t believe it would be like this. I’m really impressed. I thought it would be really formal and lessons but it’s not like that – the atmosphere is really … letting you talk and have fun.

My advice would be to be open to socialise. That’s the best thing. Be open on the first day to socialise with everybody."

Sergio Bris Ruza, Spain, Architecture

What Sergio said...

"I was looking for a place to go in the summer – I looked at Newcastle, Birmingham and Nottingham. This one in Nottingham seemed the most suitable for what I was looking for. I was looking for a drawing course – I am doing architecture so this was the only one because I wanted drawing.

Here, they understand that this a summer course, we don’t want to have lectures and exams. We came here to study, to learn, but also to disconnect from our own universities. They understand that, it is very practical.

I didn’t expect the university to be this big. I expected it to be a small university. It shocked me. I like that the residences are all in the city next to the university.

I’ve been on summer courses before but they were more focused on our English levels. This one is very different in that it focuses on architecture. There’s also English conversations in the afternoons, which I think is good.

My advice would be don’t be scared. You don’t know anyone but just go and talk to them and you’ll meet people from other countries – it’s good to know them."

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