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What you'll learn on PEAP

This course will improve your all-round English language ability. You will also develop your study skills and prepare for academic study at the University.

Interactive learning

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Your PEAP course. whether online or on-campus, will be very interactive:

  • You'll start by preparing for the session. You may be asked to complete a pre-lesson task, or do some research, for example.
  • You'll be working together with others in the session. You'll get feedback from your classmates and teachers.
  • After the session, you'll be asked to review what you did and prepare for the next session.
  • Learning by doing is an introduction to the 'NTU way' of doing things and is a great preparation for starting academic life at the University.

Learning outcomes

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On the PEAP course you will learn how to:

  • understand academic texts when you read them quickly and carefully;
  • research, plan and write a well-structured and coherent argumentative essay using standard citation and bibliographic conventions;
  • find, select, summarise, paraphrase and synthesise relevant information from a range of academic sources;
  • understand the purpose, structure and content of a lecture using handouts, slides, and your own notes;
  • work independently and in groups to research an academic topic to give a coherent, well-structured and logically argued academic presentation;
  • give academic presentations using academically appropriate style and register, and comprehensible and appropriate pronunciation;
  • prepare for and participate appropriately and effectively in seminar discussions.

I think the writing skills made the most impression because it is very different from my experience before. I learnt when I write an essay I must use the critical aspects to illustrate, and use much more evidence.

Jinhua Ma, China, online PEAP 2020

Language and study skills

You will develop the following academic language and study skills on the course:

  • academic vocabulary and grammar development;
  • study skills development;
  • reading a range of academic texts;
  • listening to lectures and note-taking;
  • writing essays;
  • group project work and presentations;
  • group discussions and seminars.


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You will be assessed through a combination of the following assessment methods:

  • coursework essay;
  • writing test;
  • listening test;
  • presentation and discussion;
  • reading test.