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What to do when you arrive as an international student

We welcome students to NTU in September and January each year. Before and when you arrive, there are some things you need to do to make your transition to University as smooth as possible. We've summarised the 10 most important things you'll need to do as an international student on this page.

2. Pay your fees

Make sure you’ve made arrangements to pay the rest of your tuition fees in full or have set up a plan to pay your fees in instalments.

If you opt for an instalment plan, no money will be taken from your account until the first instalment date in October 2022. When you open a UK bank account you can change the payment details on your instalment plan, if necessary.

3. Open a UK bank account

When you arrive, we recommend that you open a UK bank account. You can use this account to pay your rent and bills, transfer money from overseas and, if you decide to work part-time, your employer will be able to pay your wages into this account. You can get advice on student bank accounts from our International Student Support team.

6. Register with the Police (if required)

As of 5 August 2022, students are no longer required to register with the police upon arrival to the UK. This change affects those who have already registered and new students who are due to register. Even if your immigration documentation say you must register, you can ignore this, as it is no longer a requirement.

9. Attend Welcome events

There are lots of events on offer to help welcome you to the NTU community, the Nottingham Trent Students’ Union (NTSU) and the city itself.

Our Welcome schedule includes city tours, free lunches, games afternoons, movie nights and more! These are all a great opportunity to get to know your new surroundings, meet other students and to start making lasting friendships.