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Cesar Jaramillo

Studies BArch (Hons) Architecture

Cesar Jaramillo - BArch (Hons) Architecture

There were lots of reasons I chose NTU - from the University, to the city of Nottingham itself. The place has lots of things going for it: on the academic side, I was impressed by the University’s performance in the rankings, as well as the constant research that’s being done here in relation to my own course. I also love the sense of diversity that you’ll find on campus, and all throughout the city.

I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with my life here. I’ve come to know so many people, I love my course, and the city really feels like home. It’s a comfortable, lively place, and I’ve found everyone to be welcoming, humble and very respectful. It’s everything I wanted from my university experience.

It’s helped me to broaden my horizons in so many exciting and important ways: I’m discovering new cultures, histories and traditions as an international student, I’ve had the chance to complete work experience (which will mean so much for my future), and I’ve been immersed in a whole different approach to education and building knowledge.

The amount of work the tutors and lecturers put into my course every single day is so impressive, and the resources and facilities, both online and around campus, have been incredibly useful. The whole infrastructure of the University and the way it works to support us is fantastic.

I’ve been encouraged to think more about my future here. Once I’ve completed my degree, I’d love to start a Masters. NTU’s support services have been very helpful in preparing me for my next steps, and it’s given me a lot of confidence academically, in my personal life, and even my professional one.

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