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Ofelia Palermo

Principal Lecturer for Management

Ofelia Palermo

I always wanted to teach; my goal was to follow in my parents’ footsteps. I like to help other people understand things, to work together and build relationships, and a classroom is the most natural place for that to happen.

I want to build connections - to bridge the differences between cultures, mindsets and ways of doing things.

The passion, dedication and care of my mentors all influenced my own teaching. I’ve studied in Italy, England and the US, and even though there were differences between the academic approaches in those countries, what really stood out was the attitude all great mentors have in common; that desire to take a hand, open a mind and touch a heart. Even now, when I’m facing a new challenge, I look back to the things they taught me. I want to provide that same standard of support to my own students, and that’s why I only ever ask them for two things: hard work and curiosity. If you can give me that, I’ll take care of everything else.

I’m passionate about my work. I’ve received the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Inspirational Teaching, something I’m proud of, and something that pushes me to keep on working hard for my students.

I’ve got two big responsibilities; to develop you as a learner and as a person. It’s not just about knowledge; it’s about building that sense of responsibility, which will make you a real asset professionally. It’ll set you up to make a genuine difference, wherever you’re working and whatever you’re doing.

There’s so much to recommend NTU. It’s a diverse and multicultural place, which makes for a stimulating environment. There’s a personalised approach to each student’s development. What I feel distinguishes the University is how energetic and dynamic it is, and it’s those two things that you’ll find in today’s workplace. In that sense, and in the way there’s experiential learning embedded in each course, the University’s giving its students a valuable glimpse of their futures.

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