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Oyinkansola Adebayo

CEO of Niyo Enterprises. Studied BA (Hons) Business Management and Economics


NTU was such a big part of my entrepreneurial journey. I built up analytical skills in my economics degree that’ve given me a great eye for detail when it comes to running my business, while it was the creative aspects of business management that really sparked my sense of innovation - which again is something I rely on today.

I’ve got so many proud memories from university. I’d say that two of the best where when my placement year experience was featured in the Nottingham Post, and when I was one of the key speakers at Spark NTU - a big event that celebrates enterprise and entrepreneurship.

My studies and experiences all fed into the formation and growth of Niyo Enterprises. Our organisation is dedicated to using innovative technology, hair, beauty and community development tools to empower lives and break the vicious cycle of poverty. For us, success means seeing black women from disadvantaged backgrounds exceeding their potential; empowering people who’d normally suffer economically to create their own successful start-ups and strong social missions. As a black woman, my goal is to pave the way for female entrepreneurs and career women from these communities. The knowledge and wisdom I received at NTU has really helped me to channel and realise those goals.

Take advantage of the opportunities at university. You could join a group like Enactus, which will really help to shape your business vision; equally, there are so many clubs and societies to be a part of, and joining the Radical Youth: Trentside Society really helped to keep me grounded during the tougher times. I’d also recommend managing your time well; it’ll pay off when you graduate, and especially if you’re interested in going down the entrepreneurial route. Try to take something out of every lesson, because even the more mundane ones will have a lot of value further on down the line. I never understood why I needed to know about supply chain management, for example - and it’s now one of the most important parts of my business!

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