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Explaining more about how NTU is assessing students fairly in 2021

Page last updated: 23 March 2021

On Friday 8 January we published the measures we have introduced to ensure each NTU student is assessed fairly during the pandemic.

You can read more about our approach on our Assessing your learning fairly in 2021 webpages.

To learn more please, see the short interview below between Troy Brocklebank, Vice President for Education at NTSU, and Jane McNeil, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Education at NTU.

Universities are using different terms to describe their measures and the interview explores what these mean.

Jane McNeil, and NTSU President, Conor Naughton, will be hosting an online student Q&A on this topic at 5 pm on Tuesday 26 January. NTU students can save this link to join the Q&A at 5 pm on Tuesday 26 January.

Explaining fair assessment in 2021

As an NTU student, what can I do if I am unable to study?

When you are unable to study because of circumstances beyond your control, our Notification of Extenuating Circumstances (NEC) process is there to support you. In the pandemic there are a lot more things beyond your control than usual, so we have extended our policy further.

To learn how to request an extension for an assessment deadline, please see this short interview about NECs, between Troy Brocklebank, Vice President for Education at NTSU, and Jane McNeil, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Education at NTU.

What is an NEC?

Please remember you do not need to provide independent documentary evidence when seeking an NEC. Just explain your circumstances. We trust you.

If you need a coursework extension, please let us know before the assessment deadline, by using the online NEC form.

If something happens during a time-limited assessment like an online exam, please let us know by sending the self-certification form with your NEC.

Keeping safe

To learn more about the support available to all NTU students please visit our StudentHub.

If you’ve got a question or concern about being on campus please email Alternatively, please call +44 (0)115 848 6060 and select option 1. This line is open Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 5 pm. Please note, this phoneline will be closed from Thursday 1 April 2021 and will re-open at 8.30 am on Wednesday 7 April 2021.

Help keep yourself, your friends and your local community safe by following Government guidelines on self-isolating, social distancing, hand washing, wearing face coverings (in shops, public transport and on campus) and limiting the number of people you have contact with at any one time.

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418