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You and your community

Page last updated: 1 October 2020

You are part of NTU, and we are a community built on respect. We're a community that supports one another to do the right thing. But this is bigger than NTU, you are a member of the wider Nottinghamshire community and we all need to work together to keep our University, city and county safe.


Vice-Chancellor Professor Edward Peck welcomes students back to campus, and has a clear message that we all have our part to play in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Wearing face coverings

Face coverings should be used when you are in communal areas, corridors and lifts on NTU campuses to help keep you and others safe. This includes building foyers and libraries. They can be taken off once you get into classrooms, or when seated at dedicated study spaces which we have made COVID-19 secure, so long as social distancing remains in place.

You do not need to wear a face covering when you are eating in our food outlets but remember they should be worn to order or collect food and in all shops (such as Bonington Art shop and print shops).

You should make sure you have your own face covering with you when on campus.

There will be signs around campus to help remind you to wear a face covering. Please remember that some of our community will be exempt from wearing a face covering for personal health reasons.

Help keep your community safe

This academic year it’s more important than ever that we all act responsibly and consider our impact on the community around us. We’re incredibly proud of you and your positive contribution to the communities in which you live, study and work, from volunteering to simply being good neighbours.

Our local neighbourhoods are keen to welcome students back to Nottingham – but we need to keep them safe by respecting social distancing and meeting government guidelines on combining households and the size of gatherings of friends.

Government guidelines: the rule of six

In addition to the measures we are now all familiar with – washing hands, social distancing and wearing face coverings –  the government has also restricted the numbers of people able  to meet,  making it against the law to have a social gathering of more than six people. Those who break the new law can face fines. The rule of six applies to both inside and outdoor gatherings.

Exemptions to the ‘six’ include cases where a single household is larger than six people, meaning it’s perfectly legal to continue living and meeting as a household – even if there are more than six of you. At university a household is people living in a shared house, or the same halls of residence corridor, sharing a kitchen and bathroom. It doesn't include everyone in the same block.

Socialising at home with people outside your household is a bit trickier. If you want to invite people round, you must make sure the total number of people in your accommodation does not exceed six.

For example:

  • If six of you live together and three of your housemates are out at the library, then you can invite three others into your home as that brings the total back to six.
  • If 10 of you live together, but five have gone out for the day, then one visitor is allowed – making the total meeting at that time six.

Venues such as restaurants or gyms, must keep individual groups to no more than six people. Pubs, restaurants and take-aways must also now close by 10 pm.

It’s worth taking the time to understand how the rules apply to you so you can keep yourself and others safe, and so you can avoid being fined for breaking the law. For full details, including exceptions around support bubbles see the Government website.

Helping keep you safe

It is also important to comply with the NHS Test and Trace and NTU’s Coronavirus tracking systems so that you and others can be informed if there is a positive case of COVID-19 and take any necessary steps. So, remember to scan the QR codes at our venues and foot outlets as part of the NHS Test and Trace system, and fill in our NTU Coronavirus tracking form if you need to self-isolate.

Be considerate

As you return to campus, please continue to be considerate of your neighbours and your community by behaving as a good citizen, keeping noise levels low and adhering to government advice around social distancing.

Your behaviour, your noise and your decisions have consequences for the families and residents around you. And this year, due to COVID-19, your considerate behaviour could also be critical to the wellbeing and safety of your local community.

Student Code of Behaviour

NTU has measures in place to protect you and others both inside and outside the University, we also advise you to follow government guidelines with regards to social distancing and the use of face coverings.

As a student at NTU you will be aware of the Nottingham Trent University Student Charter, which is accepted by all students at the point of joining the University. The Student Charter is founded on respect, integrity and clear communications, and captures what the University expects of you.

Alongside this sits the Student Code of Behaviour, which outlines how NTU expects you to behave. This includes:

  • Treat students and colleagues equally and respectfully, in the spirit of equality and diversity, and creating an inclusive university community;
  • Ensure a safe and secure environment in accordance with Health and Safety standards;
  • Treat staff and fellow students with dignity and respect;
  • Commit to the terms and conditions of being a Nottingham Trent University student;
  • Respect the physical and online environment of the University, including learning, social and living accommodation and behave respectfully towards our neighbours as a responsible member of the local community.

The vast majority of students make an active and positive contribution, but anyone found to be in breach of the Student Code of Behaviour could face disciplinary action that may result in a warning, a fine, or – in serious cases – suspension or expulsion from the University.

Still need help?

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