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Creating a Partnership

NTU works in collaboration with a range of organisations, both nationally and internationally, to deliver Higher Education provision. This page details the process for setting up a collaboration and partnership, and provides the relevant resources to do so.


Enquiries about working with NTU as a collaborative partner

If you have an enquiry about partnering with NTU to develop a course and are based in the UK, please contact CADQ Collaborations and Partnerships.

For information on international collaborations and partnerships, please contact NTU Global.


Process for approval of new partners and/or courses

Please see the relevant flow charts below which outline the processes for obtaining business approval for each different type of collaboration.

Stages one and two below relate to UK partners. Business evaluation for international partners is managed by NTU Global, and interested parties should contact NTU Global for further information on the process.

Stage three is valid for both UK and international partners.

Stage One: Initial proposal

Please complete the initial proposal template and submit via email to CADQ Collaborations and Partnerships.

Once the initial proposal is completed by the prospective partner, it is then submitted for approval to the relevant School and the University’s UK Business Evaluation Group.

Stage Two: Business Evaluation

Once your initial proposal has been approved, you can commence the business evaluation process.

For Validation Service arrangements, you should complete Section A of the VS business evaluation template and submit via email to CADQ Collaborations and Partnerships. The remainder of the template will be completed by NTU.

For all other types of collaborations, the relevant template should be completed jointly by the partner and the relevant University School. Please submit the completed template via email to CADQ Collaborations and Partnerships.

Due diligence and financial evaluation are undertaken by the School Finance and Planning Manager and submitted along with the completed business evaluation template.

Stage Three: Partner and Course Approval

Validation Service

Following consideration of the Business Evaluation Template, the proposed partnership provision will follow an approval process  of both the partner and the proposed course. This is to ensure the provision is of high and robust quality.

The Validated Centre will be expected to provide documentation, evidence of effective infrastructure, meetings with Senior Management before going through a course approval process.

Joint delivery / Franchise arrangements

Following consideration of the Business Evaluation template, the proposed partnership provision will follow NTU’s Development and Approval Group process, which is modified slightly for School-based collaborative partnerships . This is to ensure the provision is of high and robust quality.

Distance delivery

Academic approval of distance delivery partnerships takes place in one of two ways:

a. Through a Development and Approval Group (DAG) where a new course is proposed as part of the arrangement;

b. At the School Academic Standards and Quality Committee (SASQC), or University Research Degrees Committee (URDC) when an existing, approved NTU course is to be delivered.


Periodic Collaborative Review

Periodic Collaborative Review can be both at an institutional and course level. At an institutional level, it assesses whether a partner continues to be appropriate to deliver an NTU award.

At course-level, collaborative review ensures that a course remains current and operates effectively and that appropriate quality management takes place.

Partners will be informed when they are expected to undertake a Periodic Collaborative Review.

See the Periodic Collaborative Review Business Evaluation Process for an overview of this process for UK partners.

Templates are different for UK School-based and Validation Service arrangements. They should be completed within a timeframe as stated by NTU and submitted to CADQ Collaborations and Partnerships.

Please contact NTU Global for information and templates for international partnerships.

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