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Making changes to courses

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You may want to make changes to an approved course, for example as a result of feedback from students or external examiners, or in response to changes in the discipline. To ensure that you comply with Consumer Marketing Authority law we recommend that changes are proposed in good time and that you consult existing and prospective students to ensure they are not adversely affected.

To discuss a proposed change, please contact CADQ and submit a Making changes to courses form.

Routine updates

Routine changes to modules as part of regular updating to ensure that currency is maintained is the responsibility of your course committee (or equivalent). All changes should be recorded on the NTU making changes to courses template. The completed template, along with the minutes of the approving committee and any updated course documentation, must be submitted to NTU for notification.

Modifications and major revisions

More significant changes to courses need to be approved by the University. You should submit the completed making changes to courses template to CADQ for an initial assessment of any potential business implications for the University, and to determine the nature of approval required. Where business implications are identified, a further business evaluation will be required.

Modifications are approved by the Academic Collaborations and Partnerships Sub-Committee (AcaPSC). You should submit revised course documentation to CADQ three weeks in advance of the meeting date.

Major revisions are approved either by AcaPSC or by a Course Design Sprint. This decision will be made by the University. A deadline for submission of revised course documentation will be jointly agreed.


CADQ is able to advise on the approval process for modifications and major revisions, and to provide iterative feedback on draft documentation where required. The appointed academic liaison tutor can advise the course team on proposed changes, and should be consulted prior to submission of the revised documentation.

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