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Students at Validated Partners

Students of our UK validated partners can access information relevant to your studies.

As a student of an NTU validated partner you are registered with that institution and are not a student of NTU. However, certain services may be available to you from the University. Details of these can be found below.

  • Library access

    Access to NTU libraries may be available to you depending on the type of agreement between NTU and your place of study. You should check with your own institution in the first instance.

    Access our e-library provision

    When using NTU's library facilities you are subject to the same regulations and procedures as any NTU student. These can be found on our library web pages.

  • Appeals and complaints

    As a student studying at a validated centre, you are subject to all the rules and regulations of that institution.

    If you wish to appeal a Board of Examiner's decision or make a complaint, you should raise it with your institution in the first instance. Most issues can be resolved in this way.

    It is the responsibility of NTU to manage academic complaints made by students who have exhausted the complaints procedure of the validated centre and remain dissatisfied under its procedures.

    NTU will not intervene with judgements that follow the application of a validated centre's procedures. NTU will, however, investigate the accuracy with which the validated centre has followed its procedures and if so, whether the outcome to the student may have been adversely affected.

    Please contact us if you have any queries about appeals or complaints.

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