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Architecture and Interior Design short courses

Get technical in our well equipped studios boasting state of the art facilities including a Heliodon which accurately demonstrates the motion of the sun to aid the design of solar responsive architecture and spaces.

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Beginners, improvers and professionals are all welcome to attend a short course where you'll meet other adult learners who share your interests to achieve personal and professional goals.

Courses run during evenings and weekends as well as intensive, week long courses during the summer.

If you'd like to discuss which course is right for you or have additional questions we'd love to help! You can email us or give us a call on +44 (0)115 848 2813.

CAD for Interior Design

This course provides you with technical skills related to interior design and, most importantly, the application of computer-aided design within the profession. It’s an ideal opportunity to enhance existing interior design skills, and is perfect if you’re new to CAD and want to add this valuable knowledge to your work and CV.

Illustration for Interior Design and Architecture

This course offers an exciting introduction into the world of architectural illustration. Using the techniques applied in the industry, you’ll learn how to create beautiful architectural illustrations using colour, texture and surrounding activity to give a sense of space and bring your work to life.

Interior Design for Beginners

This is a very practical course delivered via informal lectures and interesting, creative projects. This course is ideal if you're looking to build a portfolio of design work or considering interior design as a future career, or simply interested in re-designing your own home. It'll give you an insight into the world of interior design and inspire you with the confidence to present your own interior design schemes.

Interior Design Professional Portfolio

There is always a lot of competition for interior design work, so it’s essential that you can demonstrate as much experience and knowledge in your CV and portfolio as possible. This course therefore aims to build on previous design studies, and is ideal for anyone seriously considering a career as an interior designer.

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