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Short courses in Fine Art

Explore new techniques, patterns and ways of mark making and painting on our wide range of courses.

You'll be based in the Nottingham School of Art and Design on the city campus where you'll find bright drawing and painting studios and workshop spaces to develop your ideas and create new and exciting work.

Discover our courses

Beginners, improvers and professionals are all welcome to attend a short course where you'll meet other adult learners who share your interests to achieve personal and professional goals.

Courses run during evenings and weekends as well as intensive, week long courses during the summer.

If you'd like to discuss which course is right for you or have additional questions we'd love to help! You can email us or give us a call on  0115 848 2813.

Acrylics Now

This course is ideal for those people new to acrylics and those with some experience. It will cover the basic tenets of acrylics; the materiality of the paint, the support (board, canvas, paper or other) and the tools required to create different effects.

Art School Experience

Find out more about our Art School Experience course

Botanical Drawing and Illustration

This course, aimed at beginners and improvers, will develop your knowledge and skills in the field of botanical art and illustration. Typically, the course will appeal to those who have an interest in the natural world either as a result of hobbies (gardening, horticulture or painting) or through employment (landscape designers, conservationists and botanists).

Children's Book Illustration

Find out more about our Children's Book Illustration short course.

Contemporary Life Drawing

On this two day Contemporary Life Drawing course you’ll learn key strategies to help you draw the figure and begin experimenting with new approaches.

Drawing for Beginners

This course is an energetic exploration of the ways in which people use drawing and mark making to analyse and respond to physical (and metaphysical) spaces. It’s aimed at anyone who is new to drawing or people with experience looking for a challenge.

Drawing Nottingham: A Visual Reportage of the City

This course is ideal if you’re interested in visual storytelling, whether you’re familiar with drawing and are looking to try a fresh approach, or if you’re an adventurous beginner looking for a new challenge.

Drawing Now

The course is aimed at the adventurous beginner and those with more experience as it will build upon the basics of drawing using line, edge, form and tone.

Drawing with Scissors: Contemporary Collage

This course is designed to expand your existing skills in drawing, painting or illustration through an introduction to the art of collage. It will take you on a developmental journey from drawing with paper, through simple collage printmaking methods, and assemblage.

Illustration for Interior Design and Architecture

This course offers an exciting introduction into the world of architectural illustration. Using the techniques applied in the industry, you’ll learn how to create beautiful architectural illustrations using colour, texture and surrounding activity to give a sense of space and bring your work to life.

Life Casting for Beginners

Capture the human form on this practical workshop and learn to make your very own life cast sculpture directly from the body. Whether you’re interested in sculpture, design, prosthetics or special effects for film and TV, this workshop is a valuable opportunity for anyone wanting to expand their skills and knowledge of the mould making process in relation to the human form.

Metalwork Sculpture for Beginners

On this course, you’ll be introduced to different metals and the techniques used to work them into sculptural pieces. It’s ideal for anyone who would like to use metal to explore their artistic vision, enabling you to learn the skills needed to create your own art.

Painting Now

This course is the ideal opportunity to explore traditional and modern approaches to painting in watercolour, gouache, acrylic and ink. You’ll have lots of opportunities to experiment with a range of techniques using each of these mediums. The course is aimed at the adventurous beginner and those with more experience as it will build on the basics of painting: the qualities of paint, how to use paint in an effective way and how to plan and create original compositions in your own style.

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