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Finding and evaluating information

Knowing the best way to find out about your subject will enable you to research more efficiently. Being able to research effectively involves using many different search techniques and tools, such as Library OneSearch, individual databases and eBooks.

Literature searching

Being a student at University means that you need to be able to undertake research and find useful information to help and support the arguments/points that you make in your work.

Being able to search for "literature" and other types of information is a vital skill.  Discover how to go about doing this more effectively.

LinkedIn Learning - Information Literacy

Top Tips for Searching

Library OneSearch: Your one stop search tool

Research skills for taught students

Evaluating resources

You will be reading and accessing a lot of information during your course, but not all of it is worth you spending time on - how can you tell the good from the bad, the "fake news" from the "real news"?

Learn more about how you can evaluate different resources to save you time.

Know your sources: understanding types of information

Evaluation using PROMPT

How Library Stuff Works: How to evaluate resources (the CRAAP test)

Accessing NTU resources

There's a great many resources you can access as an NTU Student, but how you access them can vary depending on whether or not you are on campus.

These off-campus access guides will show you how you can get to the information and resources you need, when you need them.

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