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Microsoft Office

NTU provides access to Office 365 for all your communication needs. Office 365 is web-based so you can use it wherever you are. You'll have access to Outlook and Calendar as well as the full suite of Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.).

Improving digital skills for NTU students

NTU has teamed up with Microsoft to pilot an online digital skills programme which will help you build your digital skills and move further towards achieving your career goals.

It provides access to an extensive range of digital resources, any time and for free – from improving digital skills for apps such as MS Teams, to specialised technical courses to support your degree.

You can access the platform via the MS Teams Apps which appears in the left-hand navigation bar. Using artificial intelligence the platform will help you to understand the skills you already have, and gain insight into what you may need for your first job and career by analysing CVs and other uploaded documents

The platform can be accessed online, anytime and for free, and will help you gain a range of skills in online productivity, along with employability skills such as Leadership, Management and Project Management.

It will help you gain industry relevant technical certifications alongside your degree. You'll find over 1,700 courses, modules, labs, hands on exercises and activities on the platform.

When you have completed a course, your LinkedIn profile will be automatically updated.

A full list of courses is available via Microsoft's build tech skills for the future webpages.

The digital skills programme is available to use from your first year through to graduation, helping you gain the skills, insights and networks you need to achieve success.

The platform is part of NTU’s strategy to become the most digitally sophisticated university by 2025.

Get Connected

As a student you'll be able to access Office 365 for all your communication needs. Office 365 is web-based which means you can access it wherever you are. This includes access to Outlook and Calendar as well as the full suite of Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)


Word is part of Office 365 and it is widely used across all courses at NTU.

The first two resources here will help you get started.

If you are familiar with Word, the tips videos will help develop your knowledge.

The final resource is a guide to creating long documents, such as dissertations.

Microsoft quick start guide for Word

Word 2019 Essential training

Word quick tips

Word tips and tricks

Word 2016: Creating long documents


If you are new to Excel or just want to quickly brush up on your Excel skills then the first two resources are for you.

However, if you are already familiar with Excel but want to look more in depth at Formulae, Functions, Charts and Pivot tables then check out the Improve Your MicroSoft Excel Skills learning path.

The final resource is great to dip in and out of to find insights into useful Excel functions and commands delivered through short demos!

Excel Basics LTT Workshops

Getting Started with Microsoft Excel

Improve Your Microsoft Excel Skills

Excel Tips Weekly


PowerPoint is the presentation tool available through Office 365.  If you are new to PowerPoint, start with the first two resources.

Microsoft quick start guide for PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2019 essential training

PowerPoint tips and tricks

Record and narrate a presentation


Outlook e-mail will be one of the primary ways the university contacts you, and its built in calendar is a greta way to keep track of your timetable.

Whether you just want a quick refresher on its functions, or an in-depth exploration of Outlook's many features, these guides can give you the information you need.

Student e-mail guide

Quick tips

Outlook Essential Training

E-mail Etiquette


OneDrive is a cloud-based file storage space, where you can save your files and work collaboratively with others.

This will keeo your work safe from IT mishaps, and allow you to access it whenever and whereever you need

Onedrive Quicktips

Learning Onedrive

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