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The following resources will help you to assess and develop your understanding of basic numeracy, maths and statistical skills. All the resources below have been quality checked by NTU. They have been selected to meet the needs of most students but please talk to your Personal Tutor if you have any concerns about your particular needs.

Statistical Tests

These links provide guides to the most popular statistical tests you may encounter during your studies. These guides include background theory, assumptions of the test, running the test in SPSS and reporting the results.


Multiple Linear Regression

Independent t-test

Dependent t-test

Independent ANOVA

Dependent ANOVA

Probability and Distribution

Probability is an important underlying concept for many statistical tests you will encounter. These videos from 'Crash Course' demonstrate how probability and distributions are used in statistical analysis.

Crash Course: Probability Part 1

Crash Course: Probability Part 2

Crash Course: Randomness

Crash Course: Z-scores and Percentiles

Crash Course: The Normal Distribution

Crash Course: Confidence Intervals

Statistical Software

There are several popular pieces of software that you can use to analyse data statistically. Here are links to LinkedIn Learning courses to learn RStudio, SPSS and Minitab.




Presenting Data

Presenting your data in a chart can illumuniate your research and demonstrate differences or relationships in your data. These videos demonstrate how to make charts using Microsoft Excel.

Bar chart

Box and Whisker Chart

Scatter Chart

Other Charts

How to put your chart into MS Word or MS Powerpoint

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