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Rheal Superfoods Case Study

Founded by Charlotte Bailey and Sean Ali, Rheal Superfoods is an eco-friendly and sustainable brand that provides easy to consume and affordable blends of superfoods, with special health benefits

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After being diagnosed with coeliac disease, Charlotte experienced multiple health issues from a combination of this and bad eating routines, causing issues such as ill health and fatigue, which caused a knock-on effect on her studies, social life and general health.

The business story

Since, they have launched three powdered superfood blends called: Berry Beauty, Clean Greens and Muscle Protein each possessing unique ingredients with specific health perks. Also creating their own recipe page on the Rheal Superfoods website, which includes a number of different recipes for each blend, for example, smoothies, smoothie bowls, protein shakes and protein balls.

Rheal Superfoods is an eco-friendly, sustainable brand, their products are vegan-friendly, organic and gluten-free.


Shortlisted as finalists for the 2018 Natwest “Young Entrepreneurs of the Year” award.


The pair described starting their own business as having many bridges and bumps in the road, not an easy journey. Experiencing problems such as:

  • Finding a supplier for our products that was affordable and could help formulate our blends at a cost-effective price.
  • Did not have the budget for a professional designer so approached Phil Clarke from NTU Enterprise's team who recommended they got in touch with graduate graphic designers from NTU and offered an internship.
  • Doing exactly that, they found the perfect designer, working together all summer developing logos and packaging designs.

Long term goals

Rheal Superfoods want to expand their product range further and build a strong foundation of ambassadors on social media. Aiming to be recognised as a successful and trusted health, wellness and fitness brand within the UK and around the world. “Our dream would be to take Rheal Superfoods to America and Australia, as the market and lifestyle out there is exactly what we want Rheal Superfoods to represent”.

Also, from Charlotte’s experience of living with coeliac disease and the health issues it entails, they both can’t wait to help other people with similar problems, feel healthy and happy again!

NTU Enterprise's role

“We first met with Phil Clarke and he has been our business mentor ever since! From the start of our journey, he has always provided us with support and advice – and when we first told him our idea for a name he loved it!”

“Through our access to NTU Enterprise we had the opportunity to pitch our business idea to investors, in which we were successful and won investment! It was such an eye-opening experience, even though it was fairly nerve-wracking, but we were thrilled to know that other people believed in our business!”

“We always use the hot-desk facility with NTU Enterprise, so we get access to a computer and printing, which has massively helped us during the start-up process. We always have regular meetings with Phil, to update him on our progress and we will always continue to do so in the future even when we move on from NTU. We couldn’t be more grateful for everything he has done for us, he’s really helped our dream become a reality!” - Charlotte Bailey, Co-founder of Rheal Superfoods

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Just go for it! What have you really got to lose?

Sean and I always had plans to go travelling together after we graduated, and to pursue careers in Australia or America. Sean actually got a job offer to work in London for a year and then to transfer to Sydney, Australia, but he knew if we didn’t give this a go, we would have never known if it would have been successful. If you have an idea that you truly believe in and are passionate about, just go for it!

Visit their website: or follow them on social media: @rhealsuperfoods

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